Rocking some Afro Puffs!

I'd been feeling poorly a few weeks ago and didn't have the energy to sit down for a long time to get a long lasting protective style in.
Washed, Deep Conditioned and Stretched by braiding

I had taken out my crochet braids and washed and deep conditioned my hair and let it rest for a couple of days but on the day I was going to reinstall my crochet braids, I made a last minute decision to get some 'Didi' using expression extensions.

They were large and lovely but I knew they would barely last 2 weeks before my hair started to show through the very straight synthetic extensions.
So last week Friday I woke up and took a look at them and knew it was time for a take down! I try to be a 'walking advertisement' for the salon and there was no way I would attract any business with my hair looking like it did.

 I'd been lying in bed, flipping through some illustrations by talented artist Tawana Simone (Adorkable Affiliation)  and saw this adorable little thing with 2 puffs and I knew exactly what I was going to do once I took my hair down seeing as there was no time for a wash and deep condition till Monday at the earliest.

So took out the Didi, made sure to detangle, moisturize and seal each section, concentrating on the tips as I know I'd been lazy with moisturizing my hair in the last 10 days. Once I was done, I used a comb and divided my hair into two parts down the middle, used some eco styler gel on the edges, brushed up to smooth  and then using a pony tail holder I created to puffs and that was it!

It's been a hit with a number of people - even though I thought people would tease me for the 'school girl look' and a few people have actually walked out of the salon with 2 puffs since then! I guess my advertising strategies are good then lol.

I'm praying I get the chance to get a proper protective style in by the weekend - as much as I love these puffs, we're on a length retention mission!!

Till my next post



  1. Looks good. I really like it. Something I would have done if my high porosity hair had allowed me.

    1. Thanks dear. You can still give it a go nau - maybe for half a day :)