Friday, 26 September 2014

'Damage Be Gone' Natural, Home Made, Deep Conditioning by Olori.

I love all the fantastic natural cosmetic products that local entrepreneurs are producing and promoting - it's a testament to the growing awareness on healthy living and our desire to take better care of ourselves.

I got a hold of the deep conditioner 'Damage Be Gone' earlier on this year, used it and loved it!  I was attracted to it because it's made of natural products, can be used in a variety of ways and can be used on different types of hair! Recently I met the lady behind the products and we've concluded plans for KL's Natural Beauty Bar to retail the products!

According to their really cute 'call card' the product 'deeply moisturizes to improve the texture of hair as well as restore its lustre and shine. It is also gentle enough for little princesses ages 2 and upwards'

The conditioner comes in  3 different sizes - a large 27 oz Family Size tub, a 13 oz tub and a 6.7 oz tub. Now, it is mainly made up of natural butters and oils which means it's very rich in it's composition and consistency - you don't need to slather it on the way you would regular conditioner so you get a lot of uses from each tub.

I like the fact that it can be used as a deep conditioning treatment and also a pre shampoo treatment - I like pre shampoo treatments in particular as they prepare the hair for the shampoo process - preventing the hair from being 'stripped' as the oil from the treatment coats the hair.

Its Consistency
Coconut oil of course is my favorite for pre shampoo treatments as it prevents hygral fatigue (damage to the strands caused by constant swelling and contraction of the hair as it takes in water and then dries).

Hair that is treated this way before washing becomes less susceptible to damage which means you get healthy hair that retains length. As a deep conditioner, oil that's been lost through the shampooing process is replenished and the hair is left with greater manageability- less tangles and easier combing and styling.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop in to the store soon and pick up your own tub! Would love to hear from those who've used it before.

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  1. "Hygral fatigue".... O ga! Something new everyday....carry on Kemi.

  2. Sorry, previous post by Bunmi A.

  3. I've tried it and I guess cos there were no instructions on the jar, I wasn't how exactly to use it. Maybe I used too much, dunno, but I felt like washing my hair afterwards, the oil/residue was a bit much, rinsing wasn't enough. Much better as a pre-poo in my opinion.

    1. Will definitely bring the lack of instructions on the jar to their attention. The instructions come on a card that I believe is sent with your purchase but sometimes that can get lost between opening your package and using the product. The first thing I realized though is if you use it the way you use regular conditioner, you will have a lot of stuff in your hair - a little goes a long way.

  4. Please can you use this on mini twists?

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