Manetabolism and MTG Updates.

So, a little over a month ago, I started taking my Manetabolism tablets and also using MTG topically on my scalp. With the Mane tabs, I started off taking the required dose ( 2 tabs) every night but within a week, I noticed a bump or two on my cheek, it wasn't anything alarming but I didn't want to leave anything to chance. I scoured the comments section of the Instagram page of The Mane Choice and saw someone who said she had the same issue and so split her dosage - one in the morning and one at night; and that worked for her, so I thought - why not?

I waited about 3 days for the bumps to clear up and then I started splitting the dosage - one in the morning with breakfast and one at night after dinner. Also my water intake increased - drinking at least 1.5 - 2 litres every day. Problem solved - no bumps or zits.

I'd trimmed my hair before this to get rid of any split ends and this is where my hair in front stopped after my trim. I took this next picture about 2 weeks into taking the tabs and also using MTG a few times and noticed that my hair had grown about half to 3/4 of an inch in that time!

Now whether it is just the tabs, the MTG, or a combination of both, I wasn't about to look the proverbial gift horse in its mouth! Another thing I noticed were my nails - they'd grown longer and felt much stronger. I actually went and had my nails painted (something I hadn't done in years!)

On to MTG:

I'd read comments on line about the smell so I was kinda prepared for what was going to hit my nostrils when I opened the bottle but still! It smells like a combination of bacon and a very 'woodsy' fire. lollll That's the best way I can describe it. Almost like bacon was cooked till the point of being burnt in an outside fire made with wood.

Being in such a large bottle, I got a smaller application bottle with a spout, poured some into it  and would use the nozzle to apply directly to my scalp.

 I've used it a couple of times, concentrating on my scalp, making sure not to use too much so it doesn't drip on my face and neck. Each time I'd cover with a processing cap, wear my satin cap and sleep with it. I'd either wash it out the following morning or 2 days later. The first time I used it, I added a few drops of peppermint and Ylang Ylang essential oils to try and mask the smell - didn't want people giving me peculiar looks! But the smell kinda wears off ( at least that's the impression I got lol)

As I said, because I'm using both the mane tabs and this, I cant say how much growth each is giving me but I can safely say my hair has grown longer than its normal rate in the past month.

Can't wait to see what my results will be by the end of the year!

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