Our Ikeja Branch and Online Styling Course!!

Whoppee!! It's been a long minute and so much has been happening that I must fill you in on!

First of, we opened our GRA Ikeja branch in October!! Yes! Finally we listened to the requests of people that wanted us to come to the mainland and we made it happen!

We are located in B Natural Spa which is 11 Odudwa Way off Isaac John Street so make sure you come by to visit soon!!!

My biggest cheerleader - my mum with Tokunbo Chiedu of Compass Consulting

Protein - Why Our Hair Needs It, And The Right Way to use it.

Hello Everyone!!!

No excuses for my loooong absence yet again so I shall just go straight to the point of today's post!

I will be switching things up a little bit in my posts from now on - using incidents from the salon as a backdrop for addressing what I see as issues people still struggle with, don't understand and are doing wrongly.

A lady came into the salon and was being attended to by one of the stylists. I was in the back doing other things and the stylists came to up to me visibly confused and wanted to clarify somethings with me. She said her client had asked for a 'dry protein treatment' and when she tried to explain to her that she had no idea what a 'dry protein treatment' was but what we have are different strengths of protein:

the client was adamant and said she had done it in the salon before and that was what she wanted. I went over to the client to speak with her and try and explain things. I explained that I have never heard of a dry protein but there are different strengths of protein to which she said she had one she used but couldn't find it to buy so we should use ours.

So I asked the stylist to wash her hair so we can determine what exactly the hair needs. Client shakes her head emphatically - nope she doesn't wash her hair before using the protein treatment. She will apply the treatment to unwashed hair, then shampoo the hair, then do a moisturising deep conditioning treatment.

I'm like - so how will we know exactly what the hair needs if we don't assess it free of product? She goes 'okay my hair is breaking so I need a treatment'

I could see I was getting no where so I asked the stylist to do what she requested to satisfy her.

My Ayurvedic Strengthening Regimen - My Favorite Herbs And How I Use Them.

If you've followed me for some time, you will know how much I love Ayurveda and how much I sing its praises. This is because it is the one thing that when I use consistently, my hair thanks me for and I see a HUGE difference in my hair's health.

My strands are quite fragile and prone to breakage which means that apart from manipulating my hair less, I also need products that strengthen my strands, making them less prone to breakage, so I can retain length better.

So sometime in July last year, I decided I was going to go back to incorporating Ayurveda in my regimen and was also going to stick with it long term.

As great as Ayurveda is, the downside to it is that it is quite messy and also time consuming so it's easy to stray from. However, I decided I would make time specially for my hair treatments so that I would have no excuses.

Caring For Your Hair, Skin And Nails From The Inside Out: Focus - MSM and Vitamin C

Sometimes we're so focused on using products topically to enhance the health and promote the growth of our hair; or products to get rid of acne on our skin or nail hardeners to give strength to brittle nails. However, what most people don't realise is that applying products topically is never nearly enough, taking other things like our eating habits and lifestyle into consideration.

So did you know that your hair, skin and nails are the very last parts of our bodies to get nutrients from the food we eat? What this means is that if you eat a lot of junk or your diet doesn't have as many nutrients as it ought to; the body will distribute what little nutrients it can get from the food to the other more important organs and parts of your body. By the time it gets to your hair and nails - oops! Nothing left to give nourishment!

This is why it is very important to ensure that we eat healthy meals, drink lots of water for hydration and if you are deficient in any kind of mineral (like some people are iron deficient) then a supplement will be really good.

Apart from being deficient in certain minerals, it is possible to support your diet with a few supplements to ensure that you are getting the best that certain minerals have to offer in the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails.

New Year, New Goals, New Me, New Everything!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I CANNOT believe it has been 8 MONTHS since I last blogged!!! Oh my my my! 2017 was truly interesting, eventful, amazing, intense and challenging; but through the tears, struggle, triumphs, learning curves, hair pulling and trials, I got stretched so much and I am truly thankful for where KL's as a business is and also where I am as a woman and a Beauty - Preneur!



So! At the time I posted last in May, I was in the middle of a 6 month hair stylist course run by the L'Oreal Hair Institute. That in and of itself was a huge sacrifice and struggle! It was 8.30 am - 1pm  every Monday to Wednesday  - Combine that with trying to oversee 2 salons (one of which was just 3 months when I started the course) and you can imagine how many panic attacks I got in that period loll!

My Ongoing Hair Stylist Course At The L'oreal Institute!!

I'm a firm believer in self improvement - regardless of what profession, business or level you find yourself in. So when I heard that L'Oreal had partnered with Make Me Salon to bring The L'Oreal institute to Lagos, there was no way I was going to miss that opportunity!!!

With Omozo and Eva - Out of 7 ladies, 6 of us are natural lollll

It meant I would have to sacrifice A LOT  as it requires attending classes 3 days  a week (8.30 am - 1pm) Seeing as I now have 2 salons, have to continue with business development, staff training, personal appointments etc; I was understandably a little worried but I had a little pep talk with myself - better bite the bullet now, 6 months will pass quickly before you know it (yes it's a 6 month course!!) and you can use this as an opportunity to start separating yourself from the business :)

Some Natural Hair Styles To Beautify Your Week Ahead

Good morning beautiful people! I trust you've all had an amazing weekend so far and are looking forward to the new week ahead.

Just thought I'd bring you a few of the gorgeous hair styles we've created on some of our lovely clients, just to encourage someone out there that natural hair is beautifully versatile and you can achieve soooo much!!!

Happy viewing

luscious thick hair styled into this simple yet gorgeous roll effect

This next one we named the 'Glowreeyah" (Go figure loll). Some intricate weaving and crochet on top with some colored extensions; styled into this gorgeousness.