My September Brides

This has been a long time coming! I'm not even sure why I haven't put this up since but hey, better late than never right (as irritatingly cliched as that sounds!)

So in September, I got to do up 2 lovely brides - my first September bride (Rachel) had me travelling to Abuja to style her and TEN bridesmaids! I know! When she told me 10 I did a couple of double takes myself; but I'd already said yes so there was no backing out lol.

She was very specific about what she wanted her bridesmaids to have - A halo braid. First thing  I needed to figure out was how I was going to manage the different textures, lengths and weaves the bridesmaids would have ( she had a few naturals, 1 Caucasian, 1 Mexican  and a few Ladies with weaves)  while making sure the Bride got her wish.

The other thing I needed to figure out was how I was going to manage 11 people all before a wedding. I'm no superwoman (even though now and again I convince myself I am) and so made a few inquiries about a lady in Abuja I know to be really good with Natural hair handling and styling.

Thankfully, she was available and willing to work with me so that was sorted!

So, one of my brides' wedding got featured on BellaNaija!!!!

I was totally stoked when I saw this!! Mosun - one of my brides back in August, (who almost made me have several panic attacks as I wasn't able to sit down with her to do a trial lol) had her beautiful and absolutely stunning wedding ceremonies featured on BellaNaija.

And best of all? She had the nicest things to say about me!

She said and I quote:

Sights at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference

October 7 - 9th saw Eko Hotel abuzz with experts, enthusiasts and retailers in the Beauty (Hair, Makeup and Spa) Industry. I really enjoyed how the 3 day event had been organized with each beauty category having its own day for business talks, live demonstrations, training and Q & A sessions.

First day of the conference had the Makeup experts talking, teaching, doing live demo's and fielding questions from a lot of enthusiastic audience members. I got there pretty late in the day on the first day as I just wanted to have a look round and get a feel of what was going on.

 Panel of experts on this day included Fatima Mamza (Mamza Beauty) Tara Fela - Durotoye (House of Tara) Lola Maja Okojevoh (My Sacred Beauty) Bimpe Onakoya (Bimpe Onakoya Makeup), Khuraira Musa (Khuraira Cosmetics) and Eryca Freemantle (International makeup artiste and Global Beauty Ambassador)

Second day had Hair so of course you know I had to be there early! :) I got there as the business talks were going on and it was quite enlightening and inspiring listening to some of the panel members talk about their stories and how they got to where they are today.

ORS Straightening and Strengthening System - First Impressions.

Okay so I'm sure I've spoken about the amino acid based thermally activated strengthening systems that are getting popular by the minute. At the moment in the salon we use the Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System as the professional line but of course as with everything, companies will create an 'at home' alternative.

The ORS system is the second at home system I've come across (the first one being the Beautiful Textures one I spoke about in this post) and while it's pretty much the same technique as the Beautiful textures, there's an added product step in this system.

Anyways Detuke who blogs at came in today, all excited about trying out this straightening system. Her plan was to straighten her hair and then fix a weave so straight from NYSC camp, she showed up all smiles and infectious bubbly energy.