Hair Typing - does it really matter?

'What hair type am I?'
'What is my curl pattern?'
 'Do I have a curl pattern?'
'I've heard about hair types and I don't understand'

Long ago when you didn't have relaxer in your hair, your hair was just plain 'natural' 'virgin' or 'kinky' - a few years ago though, Andre Walker, Oprah Winfrey's stylist created a hair typing system which categorizes the different textures into 4 main groups with each group having a few sub categories.

So if you've ever heard someone say ' my hair type is 4b or 4c' and you wondered what on earth they were on about; worry no more as I shall attempt to break it down as simply as possible.

The picture above is a pretty straightforward visual which will give you an idea of the different types of hair textures there are and what pattern you likely have.

I want my hair back!!!

Lol! I knew this was going to happen and had hoped it wouldn't happen so soon! I've barely had my braids in for 3 weeks and I'm beginning to miss my hair - I miss washing it; the therapeutic process of applying deep conditioner/henna/ayurvedic powders; moisturizing and sealing; and brushing it up into my yummy puff!

I'm determined to keep these braids in for at least 6 weeks - (Lord help me!) and so I'm just making sure I care for them and for my hair during this period.

My maintenance routine for now is limited to spraying my braids every single day with a braid sheen to which I added a bit of my Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner, a few drops of peppermint and rosemary essential oils and a bit of my Argan oil serum (which has coconut, wheatgerm, Jamaican black castor and Argan oils).

How to get the best laid down, sleek edges for your updos!

One day in the Salon, one of the customers kept looking at my hair with a question in her eyes (I had an updo using braiding hair) and I guess when she couldn't take it anymore, bluntly asked me if I had relaxed hair and why I was running a natural hair salon if my hair was relaxed! I thought it was quite funny because she was really convinced my hair was relaxed and I had to whip out my pictures and show her what my hair looked like.

Now, the reason she was so convinced I had relaxed hair ( and the reason why I have gotten asked this question a few times when my hair is in a protective up-do with braiding hair) is because my edges were very well laid down and slicked back.

Now, people use edge control alone and while this is quite good all by itself, I prefer to use the method which I am about to describe.
What you will need are:
1. Eco Styler Gel
2. Bristle Brush
3. Silk/Satin Scarf
4. Moisturizer of choice

Discoveries in the UAE - Snake Oil for Hair Growth and Repair!

Honestly, when I believe I've seen some far out things, I stumble upon even more faaaar ouuut things and can't help but shake my head in wonder while trying to keep a straight face.

So, I'm currently vacationing in Dubai and decided to brave the Carrefour Department Store at the Deira City Centre which on a good day requires agility, calm nerves and ears that are immune to loud noises. On a bad day? Just brace yourself, really. I look over to the hair product section and of course I cannot help but go over to see what goodies I might indulge myself in :)

Let me say here that anyone who's gone shopping with me knows how I like to take my time looking at each item before making up my mind - be it clothes, shoes or toiletries. This is the reason I prefer shopping alone as I don't have anyone rolling their eyes at me or glancing pointedly at their watch or sighing in martyred frustration! If I want to shop for 8 straight hours (and I regularly do) then I'll do it at my own pleasure lolll!

Njoy's Sulphur Mix Plus I Finally Got My Braids installed!

 I'd planned on getting my hair braided a few days ago but it just didn't seem to be happening as the salon was very busy and getting any spare time to even wash and deep condition was becoming an effort. As I've planned a trip for this week and have absolutely no desire to style my hair daily when I'm away; getting my hair braided had to be done one way or the other.

After dragging myself home just before 10 pm on Saturday, all I wanted to do was sleep but I had a head full of oil as I'd pre - poo'd the night before and there was no way I was going to sleep with an oily head 2 nights in a row.

Currently I'm trying out Njoy's Long and Healthy Hair Growth Oil as my pre poo oil but use it strictly for my scalp as it contains sulphur which is known to dry out hair. On my hair I apply my regular Vatika Coconut Oil.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankful for 2013 and grateful to be alive to see 2014! Here's wishing everyone, good health, prosperity, uncommon wisdom, purposeful living and God's continued blessings! May this be your best year yet, and may you grow your 'fro's to previously un attained lengths Amen!! :)