Working And Having A Blast At The Wed Expo!!

My models for Friday (extreme left) Omozo of O Naturals and her models, Tuke Morgan and moi :)

So, I decided to take KL's to the Wed Expo this year - and I'm glad I did! It was my first time attending and participating and it was definitely something to see.

One of my models in the thick of things!

The wedding business in Nigeria is NO JOKE!!! My eyes were popping all over the place from all the amazing decor, settings, food, party favours, accessories etc that were on offer.

amazing flower arrangements

Styling Adesua Etomi For the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA'S)

Ah! What fun last weekend was!! I'd already said I had the amazing honor of styling one of the nominees for Best Actress in a Drama series and to make it even that much sweeter she won the award!!

Adesua has been coming to us for over a year now and she is one hilarious, crazy sweet heart. When she told me she had been nominated I was so excited for her because she is a great actress and also an amazing singer. She's been consistent - whether it's on stage or in film and I have no doubt she's one to definitely watch out for.
This is all her hair.

For the AMVCA weekend she wanted color in her hair but didn't want permanent color or to lighten her hair- well that wasn't going to happen seeing as her hair is dark and the only way to have noticeable color is to do a lift then deposit the shade she wanted.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful - The KL's Natural Chic!!

I've always loved that tag line from Cover Girl cosmetics - Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: makes you think of something effortless, sweet and charming. Lately we started creating quick, easy styles that were still eye catching, and I think this tagline goes perfectly!

So here are a few of my creations from the last couple of weeks - natural hair can NEVER be boring - all you need to do is get some moisturizer, butter, pins and your fingers!!

The first is what I like to call a triple treat!! This will definitely get heads turning and tongues wagging!

I'm Actually Wearing A Weave - And Loving It!!!

Anyone who knows me will know that I've never really been a weave person - give me braids any time!! However sometime late last year, I saw this lovely natural textured weave on the cousin of a bride I was working on, got the details and decided a few weeks ago that I was ready to have it in.

So I got 3 bundles in 14, 16 and 18 inch lengths and after a good wash and deep condition, I went ahead and had the bundles sewn in.