Loving My Outre 'Tess' Wig !

So this year has been all about protective styling using wigs. It's been so convenient for me as I'm able to wash and condition my hair regularly and moisturize effectively every day. During one of my Instagram haunts :) I came upon this lovely looking wig being worn and reviewed by a lady who goes by the name @naturalbelle and I was smitten!

Since I was in the UK for a couple of weeks, I decided to order it from Afrostyling.com and give it a go. It's an Outre wig called 'Tess' and has the texture of a Yaki Straight weave. Totally soft, full lace front and has an 'L' shaped part which I think is really different and quite nice.

April 2016 Brides!!

Yay for April! Phew! what an intense month it was - brides every weekend, some during the week (Tuesday and Thursday) then our first training workshop (yay!! Shall be posting on that soon) and speaking engagments. I am sooo sooo soo happy for the work, trust and recognition. God indeed is good!!

Okay so I shall be posting pictures of some of my lovely brides from the month of April. As usual due to some 'rushed moments' I don't have pictures of a couple of brides yet but will put them up as I get them from the professional photographers of the day!

 First up is Bunmi!! Such a sweet soul! Everyone is 'honey' 'sweetie' lol and she has such a caring disposition.

What Will Kemi Come Up With This Year! And other great segments at NHCG Salon Day Out 2016.

Lol!! So that's the caption Dabs of Najia Hair Can Grow is using for my segment of the styling series at the upcoming Salon Day Out; holding on the 5th of June 2016. Last year, I recreated this KL's Signature Updo on my 'muse' :) Eneni.

This year, Dabs is going for a twist in Battle of the Hairlista Series and will have a section called RECREATE - I will be creating a style on stage and the Hairlistas who will be in designated 'battle teams' will then have to recreate what I have just done and the winning team is going to be walking away with mouth watering prizes yo! Mane Choice Africa will be donating goody bags worth over N100,000 - yes you read right. N100,000!!!! There will also be goody bags from Savvy and Chic!

So if you think you have what it takes, I suggest you send an email to daboju@yahoo.com with the title 'I want to battle'. You don't want to miss this!