Loving Me Some Fold, Tuck And Pins!

Saturday was busy busy - brides, high school reunions and birthdays were the theme!

First up is Eneni. Eneni is my 'muse' lol I love trying out new things on her hair and she loves submitting her hair to me for such trials. I've done a number of styles for her which has brought me business just from people seeing her and questioning where she got her hair done. So it's a great relationship :)

It was her birthday this past Saturday and of course I had to hook my girl up!

Of New Looks and Havana Twists.

I'm sure you notice our new blog features!!! Thought it was time for a change and so here we are. I would definitely love feedback - do you like it? What can be added? Taken away? Or is it just purrfect!!! :)

I'm also sporting a new protective style - have actually had it for about a week now. I wanted something quick and easy (as always lol) and decided I'd get some Havana twists in. I used the Equal Cuban Twist hair in two colors - 1b in the back (I think black is soooo boring though) and 99J on top.
I wanted them pretty chunky so I  used three strands of the twisting hair for each twist and ended up using 7 packs.

Working With Design Essentials Nigeria!!!!

I'm so amazed at how God works and seemingly orchestrates things for His own plan that unfolds little by little before our eyes. For a very long time in my life, speaking in front of people was a MAJOR challenge for me. I remember speaking about it in this post where I said  a few years ago, I decided to conquer my fear of public speaking and signed up for a course at the Lagos Business School - I didn't realise then that I was going to change careers and it would be coming in very very  handy!

I got the pleasure of meeting the representatives of Design Essentials Nigeria last year and it's been a very rewarding relationship so far. Somewhere along the line, I was asked to be a part of the team - starting as a technician and working my way up as an educator which would mean I'd help  train teams of stylists  either in salons where the products are stocked or where there's an event, and also be part of the styling team where necessary when Design Essentials are sponsors. I started the training process and made the team!

Rocking some Afro Puffs!

I'd been feeling poorly a few weeks ago and didn't have the energy to sit down for a long time to get a long lasting protective style in.
Washed, Deep Conditioned and Stretched by braiding

I had taken out my crochet braids and washed and deep conditioned my hair and let it rest for a couple of days but on the day I was going to reinstall my crochet braids, I made a last minute decision to get some 'Didi' using expression extensions.