Loving Me Some Fold, Tuck And Pins!

Saturday was busy busy - brides, high school reunions and birthdays were the theme!

First up is Eneni. Eneni is my 'muse' lol I love trying out new things on her hair and she loves submitting her hair to me for such trials. I've done a number of styles for her which has brought me business just from people seeing her and questioning where she got her hair done. So it's a great relationship :)

It was her birthday this past Saturday and of course I had to hook my girl up!

 I'd been up since 5am (after going to bed at about midnight) as I had to get to Ikeja to style a bride before the environmental sanitation started and been working since 7am. By the time she got to me at past 3pm, I was a little cross eyed from fatigue and hunger but that was not going to get in the way of getting her fabulous 'do on!

Inspiration with her hair comes easy and I decided to do a simple yet stylish fold tuck and pin mohawk for her. Took less than 30 minutes and she was a very happy bunny!!

Trust, one of the customers there immediately said 'that's what I want' so had to replicate the style for her. :)

Then there was my lovely Doyin who I went to QC with. There was a reunion for her OGQC set and she came in for a styling. We were short on time and she preferred not to have heat applied to her hair so I did a simple updo with a few rolls in the back for her.

I shall be doing a post soon on my brides - have a few I haven't uploaded yet.

Till then my lovelies!