Of New Looks and Havana Twists.

I'm sure you notice our new blog features!!! Thought it was time for a change and so here we are. I would definitely love feedback - do you like it? What can be added? Taken away? Or is it just purrfect!!! :)

I'm also sporting a new protective style - have actually had it for about a week now. I wanted something quick and easy (as always lol) and decided I'd get some Havana twists in. I used the Equal Cuban Twist hair in two colors - 1b in the back (I think black is soooo boring though) and 99J on top.
I wanted them pretty chunky so I  used three strands of the twisting hair for each twist and ended up using 7 packs.

Now! The hair is pretty no doubt as even guys come up to me complimenting my hair but the problem is the bulk of it! I swear I think my neck hurts right now from trying to get it in place while sleeping at night.

It's not like it's heavy or anything - it's just too bulky to manage at night when I want to go to bed so it's making me sleep uncomfortably. When I put the picture up on instagram, a couple of people said they'd only had theirs' for about 5 or so days loll. It's been exactly 12 days for me and I think if I take them out (even though they're still sooo pretty) I would have tried. Abi?


  1. I was looking for articles on Hair Treatment in Dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

  2. I like the color theme and the amount of white in the writing page space. It just makes the pictures and text pop out better for me. :) I know what you mean about bulky hair! For almost three weeks I've been wearing long medium-thick box braids. Having it in a bun is always a literal pain in my neck when I drive! I am ready to take them down too as I just bought some weave yesterday for a crochet style. Hopefully the next style lasts longer for us both!

  3. Yay, I like the new look - blog and hair. Tell me about bulky/heavy hair. I loved my faux locs but they were too heavy!

    P.S. I wanna change my blog template tooooooooooo

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks hon!! I know right about the heavy hair!!! My neck was not finding it funny at all! As per your template - Change it! Change it! Change it! loll.