Of Quick Length Checks and Bad Crochet braids.

Crochet braids and this lovely dress I fell in love with and had to share :)

So remember I'd told you in my last post that I had a story to tell about my crochet braids? I shall be telling it today but first of all a quick length check.

So this was my check back in February:

And this is my length check from September

I'd had a trim in April so I think overall, I've been pretty good with my regimen and retaining length too.

At the end of the year,  I may stretch my hair and (gasp) flat iron it and then get another trim. Looking forward to what my overall health and length retention will be like then.

Back to my crochet story. So I was travelling for a bit and needed to put my hair away as I'd had it out for about a week. On a whim I bought some hair at my local supermarket, deciding I wanted to go for a big blown out afro look. I had it crocheted in and it was looking quite BIG lol.

Beauty Africa Expo - 3 Days, 3 Hair Styles, My Way!

I've been feeling so bleh lately - not sure what exactly's been going on with me. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon.  Anyway, still on the Beauty Africa Exhibition, I was so busy working at the stand, I didn't really have time to go round and take pictures the way I did last year - but what I did was I wear my hair in different styles for those days so will be showing you those styles today!

I've been protective styling a lot in the last 6 months and haven't really had a chance to enjoy my hair or wear it out so I decided that for each of  the 3 days of the exhibition , I was going to do something different.

My go to style - I now have to tuck the hair around the edges in  to give it a rounded look as my hair is longer and it kinda 'flops' when in a puff

Working With Dionne Smith - International Hair Stylist extraordinaire!

Phew!!!! The last 4 days have been something else. I am so knackered but so excited and happy at the same time! So the 2015 Beauty Africa Expo came by and it was definitely bigger than it was last year - a lot more stalls and products on display; more workshops with professionals giving invaluable advice and in some cases hands on practical tips; more topics were also included in this year's edition.

I got invited by Design Essentials to work at their stand and of course I jumped at the opportunity. International Hair Stylist and Educator for Design Essentials Dionne Smith was going to be showcasing 3 hairstyles for Naturalistas and how could I miss the opportunity to learn! So I happily got myself ready and went off to Eko Hotel. When I got in, 2 of the models had already been prepped so I got started on the third model and did a basic cornrow updo leaving the top undone for the live demo.