Great Books To Read On Hair!

I've always loved reading books and when it comes to hair care, trust me there are a TON of books to be read! I'm still getting round to reading them all but for now these are the ones that caught my eye and which I've read and thoroughly enjoyed.

First of is what I consider my 'hair bible' for the great in depth information on the science of hair and understanding how hair ( afro textured) works. It is quite informative and can be quite 'scientific' in the terms used but if you're really interested in understanding the composition of our hair, the different types of ingredients in products, their interactions with one another and how they affect the hair; then trust me, 'The Science of Black Hair' is an invaluable book which you will refer to over and over again.

A Season of Proms and Updos!

I love me my flat twists!

It's been a little while!There's so much going on and so little time it seems to get everything done in the alloted time we have daily!!!! Something's cooking in the KL's kitchen and I can't wait for that time when I can let it all out!! 

Anyways, so last Sunday I had the pleasure of styling 2 young ladies for their proms! I know right?!

 I remember my own prom like it was yesterday - my date was supposed to come pick me for about 4pm I think (I lived in Festac and he lived in Ikeja and we were going to Queens College in Yaba lol). By 5pm I was anxiously looking out the window thinking what in the world had gone wrong while trying not to believe I had been stood up (there were no mobile phones in those days so my mind had a field day conjuring up every imaginable scenario) by the time it was 6pm; my family quietly left me in the living room downstairs and went upstairs - it was as if they wanted to leave me alone with the shame of being stood up because at this time, we'd run out of excuses as to what could have gone wrong.

He eventually turned up at almost 7pm (he'd apparently got lost or something trying to get into Festac) and my joy at not being stood up knew no bounds. We finally made it to prom even though I missed most of everything that had happened!

Enough about me - my beautiful princesses from last weekend wanted a nice formal 'do for their event and I hooked them right up!

Naturals In The City 11 Is Here!!!

It's time for another hair meet up! The 11th edition of Naturals In The City (NITC) will be coming to you this Saturday the 20th of June 2015 at The Social Place, 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Time is 1.30pm and gate fee is N500.

The theme for this edition is 'Keeping It Real' and of course there will be talks, giveaways, and lots and lots of products!!

This is open to everyone - natural, relaxed, transitioning, curious etc.

Make it a date to be there!

Are those braids? Did you do 'brush' in front? It looks so different!! - My latest Crochet Style is getting questions!

So! After almost 2 months of wearing wigs, I was tired and needed to put the hair away in something that I wouldn't have to worry about for some time to come. Remember my Afro wig I'd blogged about earlier? Well I'd worn it till it was crying for mercy!

Then I also bought a few others when I was away in April/May but only got round to trying one of them - a curly blonde/brown wig that I loved upon sighting in my favourite Beauty supply Store in London (PAKS).

Anyway, after rocking wigs for that long, I decided I'd get some crochet braids (what else lol) in. I had bought these pretwisted packs of hair in Atlanta and seeing as I hadn't gotten braids in a while, what better way to revisit them than by combining my favourite look with my favourite technique!!!

Fun! Fun! Fun at The Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out 2015.

Kudos to Daboju of and her team - it was an absolutely brilliant, fun and successful Salon day out yesterday! Girl if you're reading this, you definitely need a bigger space next time around - the turnout was quite large and I think this is a testament to Dab's positive influence and contribution to the 'Hair Community'

I was having a very 'bleh' morning yesterday and ended up leaving the house later than I had planned but the event got off to a late start anyway and when I got there, they'd pretty much just started the first session which had a panel of natural, relaxed and transitioning ladies talking about their hair journeys, what worked for them and didn't work for them, the mistakes they made along the line and how they've had to learn about their hair.

Come Watch Me Work At The Savvy And Chic Salon Day Out This Sunday The 7th of June!

Whoop Whoop!!! So at the upcoming Salon Day Out holding at The Oriental Hotel on Sunday the 7th of June 2015, I shall be doing a live demonstration of one of my 'signature' updo's.

There will also be an AHMAZING array of vendors in the building:
- Natural Nigerian
- Ajali
-  R and R Luxury
- Inner Beautee
- Sizzelle
- Design Essentials Nigeria
- Namaste Organics
- Olori Damage Be Gone
- African Naturalistas
- Beauty Kink
- Boon Box
- Locitude
- Ebony and Indigo
- Hairven

While I have managed to tame the product junkie beast that was very much alive in me; I'm nervously chewing my lower lip now looking at this list because I have a feeling I will see several things that will begin to whisper seductively to that PJ beast in me lollllll!