Are those braids? Did you do 'brush' in front? It looks so different!! - My latest Crochet Style is getting questions!

So! After almost 2 months of wearing wigs, I was tired and needed to put the hair away in something that I wouldn't have to worry about for some time to come. Remember my Afro wig I'd blogged about earlier? Well I'd worn it till it was crying for mercy!

Then I also bought a few others when I was away in April/May but only got round to trying one of them - a curly blonde/brown wig that I loved upon sighting in my favourite Beauty supply Store in London (PAKS).

Anyway, after rocking wigs for that long, I decided I'd get some crochet braids (what else lol) in. I had bought these pretwisted packs of hair in Atlanta and seeing as I hadn't gotten braids in a while, what better way to revisit them than by combining my favourite look with my favourite technique!!!

Source: Megabeautymart

Source: Megabeautymart

So towards the tail end of a busy salon day, I had one of my stylists weave and instal my braids. Whoop whoop! I was so relieved because honestly I just couldn't deal with thinking about my hair (even though I'd been wearing wigs oh!)

Braiding pattern was very simple - about 16 in front going straight back and 8 in the back. We were done in less than 2 hours and a couple of clients in the salon were confused for a brief period till I explained to them the 'magic' that had just happened lolll.

I used 5 packs in all (the packs are extremely light and i don't feel like I have that many packs of hair on at all) with black in the back and the deeper red in front.

I pretty much wear it in a low pony tail but when I'm in the mood to spice things up, I accesorise with these gorgeous headbands I bought while at the natural hair show in Atlanta.

Also because we didn't start weaving my hair right from the beginning of my hairline, I have a 'brush' effect which I like to slick down with a toothbrush and eco styler gel - (a few people have seen my hairline in this way and are convinced I've gone to either relax or texlax my hair hahahahahaha)

Maintenance is pretty low for me - I spritz daily with my Oyin Handmade, I rinse my scalp every other day when I work out and then oil my scalp. That's it!

Loving this for now till when I start to get bored (as I inevitably do)

The good thing about this hair is that it's pretty easy to take out, doesn't tangle and so can be used again. It was definitely worth the purchase!

Till my next post



  1. I love your hair, its such an inspiration that natural naija hair can grow. One of these days I'll travel down to make my hair at your salon .
    Pls how did you take down these lovely braids without cutting it because you said its reusable. Thanks ma'am

    1. Thank you so much Charisatosh!! It means a lot to me. It would definitely be a pleasure to have you at the salon. Regarding the braids, all I did was loosen the knots at the base and that was it!