Training For The Design Essentials Team.

One of the things I'm blessed to do is train stylists in the use of products from the Design Essentials Natural Range. As an Educator for DE, when they need to either increase the knowledge and skill base of new technicians or train stylists in a salon that has recently become a DE partner; I get to come in and show the different ways and methods the products can be used and the different styles that can be achieved.

So recently, DE had signed on new partner salons in Warri, Delta State and also in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where they will soon be launching and as such had a few stylists come down to Lagos to get some training in the use of the products,

Wondrous - the amazing stylist behind Wondrous Hair was in charge of the Salon System line (relaxers et all) and so the stylists had a couple of days with her. I then took over for the next couple of days, taking them through the Natural Line.

Source: Instagram @wondroushair

So I Got Nominated For Best Hairstylist In The Genevieve Beauty Awards!!

Here I was last week, lying down on my favourite couch at home and doing what I like to do best to unwind - scrolling through my Instagram Feed. I come upon Genevieve Magazine's page and notice they have a list of their nominees for their Beauty Awards. So I'm like - ah lets see who got nominated for what.

I start from the first category and I'm going through each one - mentally making a note of who I will vote for and also excited when I see Natural Nigerian nominated in the Best Natural Product (Skin and Hair) Category. Only for me to get to the Best Hair Stylist Category and at the bottom of the list I see Kemi Lewis and my eyes widen in shock with my mouth dropping open - literally!

Caring For Your Little Girl's Hair.

As a little girl I had a couple of dolls I enjoyed playing with - my favorite was my darling Jemima (named after the lead character Jemima Shaw on the TV show 'Jemima Shaw Investigates') and she was my little baby.

She went everywhere with me and styling her hair was one of my favorite pass times.
As girls we want so much to play mummy that we mother our dolls 24/7 so I totally identify with that feeling when you have a real baby girl and want her to look like a pretty little bundle of cuteness  (I know that I can't wait!)

And that is why you see so many babies with these little pretty colorful adornments in their hair. This is fine. However, it begins to be a problem when in styling her hair, follicles and scalp health become compromised.

Over the years, I have seen so many disheartening things being done to little girls all in the name of hair styling but 2 recent separate incidents spurred me to do this post.