So I Got Nominated For Best Hairstylist In The Genevieve Beauty Awards!!

Here I was last week, lying down on my favourite couch at home and doing what I like to do best to unwind - scrolling through my Instagram Feed. I come upon Genevieve Magazine's page and notice they have a list of their nominees for their Beauty Awards. So I'm like - ah lets see who got nominated for what.

I start from the first category and I'm going through each one - mentally making a note of who I will vote for and also excited when I see Natural Nigerian nominated in the Best Natural Product (Skin and Hair) Category. Only for me to get to the Best Hair Stylist Category and at the bottom of the list I see Kemi Lewis and my eyes widen in shock with my mouth dropping open - literally!

Seriously? Me? How? I was gobsmacked! As in I woke up the next day and went back to the list not expecting my name to be there - maybe it had been an error and they had corrected it now lolllll. I mean look at the other names in the category! Heavy Hitters in the Industry!

Anyway, as the shock wore off, I was able to put up the post and my heart is constantly swelling at the out pour of support and encouraging words from people. Honestly, I am deeply touched that people believe in me and in my work this much!

So everyone, as the only female and only natural hair stylist in the category, I'm asking for your vote to make this happen :)

This  is the voting link  please also vote for Natural Nigerian - their products are amazing - I can personally testify to that!

Voting closes end of the month which is Friday this week!

Thank you good people!!

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