Silicone's And Sulfates - To Be Or Not To Be?

When I started my healthy hair journey, I spent fascinated hour upon hour, reading through as many hair forums and blogs that I could find (I still do) learning about products, ingredients and other people’s experiences before quickly running to the store to buy some product which was ‘good’ or running to my bathroom to bin some product which was ‘bad’ – safe to say I was a bandwagon jumper and had to learn the hard way when I started losing hair.

*Hair tip - Try not to jump on every hair bandwagon that comes up; apart from getting dizzy with confusion, your hair might just give you an 'askor' and refuse to respond to products or worse still, start breaking off*

Case in point:
‘Sulfate free shampoos are a gentler way to cleanse your hair as they don’t strip your strands and dry out your hair the way shampoos with sulfates will’. 

This was something I saw on every blog and immediately invested in some sulfate free shampoos. Now prior to this, I had fallen in love with the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In Cream as it made my hair oh so soft and silky! I was co washing quite often (with the Aussie Moist Moisturizing conditioner which I adore) and also using the leave – in quite often while shampooing less often with a sulfate free shampoo.

What's THAT on your head?!

Ah! To have a thousand naira for every time I've had that said to me, I'd have... erm a few thousand bucks maybe? lol  Seriously though, when I began wearing my natural hair out, I did get a few odd looks and raised brows, but for the most part, I got and still get a lot of curious, interested and even complimentary questions.

Even when I get the odd screech from a friend ' what is this one again on your head' I laugh and take it all in stride - I am loving my hair journey and for me, the good, bad and scandalous comments all make it that much more interesting.

The worst of the comments have probably come from my mum who one day after seeing my 'wash n go' which I'd painstakingly arranged and picked out; stuck her fingers in my hair and pushed my head back saying 'why in the world have you forgotten to comb your hair! O da bi Kunta Kinte!

Ayurvedic Hairgasm!

I absolutely loooooove Wednesdays! For about a year now, Wednesdays have been my Ayurvedic hair spa days - I look forward to them, revel in them and pamper my hair without feeling a shred of guilt. And Lord knows this Wednesday, I needed pampering after the kind of days I'd been having.

*Begin rant*
Sooo, the store/salon has been doing great since we opened a few weeks ago - a few teething problems but nothing out of this world EXCEPT, the BRAND NEW generator I got, decided it had a completely different vision for the store and it was on a mission to bring that vision to pass.

After it had gone off one too many times last Friday, I called the dude I bought it from and informed him it wasn't werking for me and we needed to do an exchange - luckily he accepts (come to think of it, he didn't put up too much of a fight! hmmmmm....he must have known exactly what I was buying right at the beginning!).

LASAA then seizes my roll up banner right in front of the store and  my male stylist decides he has to travel and doesn't show up for days.

As if generator, Lagos State Agency and staff problems weren't bad enough, my laptop does the unthinkable and crashes! Let's just say I've been 'baptized' into the realm of running a business in Nigeria.
*End rant*