The End Of My Colon Cleanse Journey and My Twist And Curl Using Perm Rods.

I finally did it! I completed the 9 day colon cleanse and live to tell the story! lol. Don't mind my theatrics. So I got through the 5 day liquid only fast (just barely) and have gradually introduced solid food back into my diet. By the 4th day my jeans were beginning to sag around my derriere and that's how I knew I was really losing weight :) - that's always the first 'victim' when I lose weight.

So my final weight was 70.8kg. I know it will probably adjust to a 71/72kg and then I'll probably just maintain that. There's a boot camp starting in my area next week and I've been contemplating joining - not to lose weight but to build muscle and tone up any *ahem* loose areas. It should be interesting to see how that turns out. I will definitely be taking pictures of each area of my body before the boot camp starts and then take pictures right after to see how well I've done.

For some reason, the colon cleanse this time around was a little harder on me psychologically than the last time I did it. I can't really put my finger on what was different this time but then again I think the last time, I was in need of a distraction and I turned everything I did into personal projects to be achieved and would pour myself into them wholeheartedly.

New Products in Store - Carol's Daughter and Shea Radiance!

Whoop whoop! The store has just taken delivery of a wide range of Carol's Daughter and Shea Radiance products. The Carol's Daughter and Shea Radiance lines are well known for their natural, high quality ingredients and have garnered great reviews across continents.

The Carol's Daughter range in store includes:

A. Black Vanilla
 - Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo
 - Moisturizing Leave in Conditioner
 - Moisturizing Conditioner
 - Moisturizing Hair Smoothie

B. Hair Milk
 - Conditioning Co Wash
 - Refresher Spray
 - Leave in Conditioner
 - Pudding

C. Monoi
 - Repairing Conditioner
 - Repairing Mask
 - Repairing Anti Breakage Spray
 - Repairing Strengthening Serum

My Mum's Stolen Purse, The Pediatrician and The Happy Ending!

Truth they say is stranger than fiction and I have just realized now that as cliched and trite as that may sound, it really is true.

So my mum came by Monday afternoon and we were chatting and having a good laugh about stuff in general. She then brings out her purse (which I bought for her last month while in Dubai) and I said to her that in a funny way, this purse reminds me of another purse she had when I was very young and which was stolen from me when she'd given it to me for safe keeping one evening when we were out.

* Begin Flashback*

I was about 5 years old and my mum was pregnant with my 2nd brother - we were at this time, on a family holiday to London which would double as a 'birthing' trip for my mum. One evening, my mum herds my immediate younger brother and I to the laundromat to get some laundry done and in order to ease things for her heavily pregnant frame while she sorted out the laundry; she hands me her purse for safe keeping. I remember putting it in the pocket of my red anorak and sitting down to watch the goings on around me. My mum turns to me at some point to ask for her purse, I in turn put my hand in my pocket to get the purse and somehow that purse had developed wings and flown off. I had just been rudely baptized into the world of nimble fingered pick pockets.

Day 3 of the Liquid Only Fast - and the unthinkable happens!

I'm in a little bit of a funk at the moment - now while everything had been going according to plan since Friday when I started the 5 day liquid only fast, a spanner was thrown into the works this morning. So, Friday and Saturday morning, I juiced enough apples to see me through the day and stored in an airtight container - took with me to the salon and when it was time for my 'fix' (at 3 hour intervals) I would pour out 8 oz of apple juice, add my toxin absorber, shake and drink.

This morning I was in the process of doing the same thing when *gasp* my darned juicer went and broke down! To be truthful it had been sounding a little weird on Saturday but I just thought it needed to rest ( I use my juicer quite often).

I truly have no intention of buying another juicer (this one cost me over 30k and is just about 10 months old) and seeing as I can't use packaged juice, I'm just going to use water for my mixes till I can have someone look at the power box tomorrow. I have to say though that it tastes way better with apple juice but I shall just grin and bear it for now.

Day 2 of the pre cleanse and I'm feeling good!

After a few false starts, I finally got my act together and started the pre cleanse yesterday! I'd earlier said I would begin on Friday the 14th but I completely forgot that my Fridays are normally set aside for something entirely incompatible with this. Then Saturday and Sunday were quite busy at the salon and I'd forgotten to pack my lunch (or eat before leaving the house for that matter) so I couldn't follow the detailed plan for the pre cleanse.

Then on Monday I started the day with a plan to commence the pre cleanse but neglected to read the instructions again to confirm when at night I was to take the digestive stimulator. Somewhere in my mind, I believed it was AFTER dinner only for me to eat dinner, grab the bottle and see that I was supposed to have taken it BEFORE dinner!

Lol!! Anyway, finally yesterday I commenced the pre cleanse and I'm feeling good about it!

Holding on to thin ends just for length - Is it really worth it?

I was 7 months post relaxer in this picture

I have a camera that I used in religiously documenting my progress as a relaxed lady when I first began my hair journey back in 2011; somehow I lost the battery while charging it (don't ask) and I only managed to buy a new one last month. So I switch on my camera for the first time in over a year and all these pictures from the start of my hair journey are there - bringing back a slew of memories of how I would obsess over every single thing that pertained to my hair lol!!

The one thing I notice now, is how I was doggedly holding on to raggedy ends just because of that extra 'length' they gave me. My hair was growing no doubt, but it looked so limp because of those tired, thin, stringy looking ends.

Prepping for my 9 day colon cleansing journey.

I've been planning to repeat a cleanse I did 2 years ago but somehow I haven't been able to rouse myself to do it. I have now decided that I will use this blog to hold myself accountable: after all my profile does say I'm on a natural hair and body journey :)

I will therefore be starting this cleanse on Friday the 14th and document it here!

So, sometime in 2012, I discovered this all natural colon cleansing kit made by a company 'Blessed Herbs' in the United States. It purports to get rid of accumulated toxins in the intestines in 8 days using the contents of their kit and going on a 5 day liquid only diet.

It seemed daunting at first - drinking liquids only for 5 straight days but I thought, 'why not'? So I did it and my goodness! I shall not disgust anyone with the details of the stuff that I got rid of - but trust me, should you be in need of serious detox using natural ingredients, that will get rid of accumulated debris within your intestinal walls; you may want to give this a try! The cleanse comes in a choice of Ginger Root or peppermint - I prefer to use Ginger root because of the healing properties of Ginger.

I got my hair threaded!!

A few weeks ago, a customer came in for a hair treatment (Hi Iyabo!) and she had her hair threaded in a very lovely style - I knew immediately I had to get that style on my own head asap!
Even though I knew I was going to get it done, I struggled with figuring out when exactly to get it done - particularly as I was planning on sticking to the crown and glory technique as my protective styling option this year (even though it's just the 2nd month of the year and already I've had my fill of braids - at least for now lol) and this was a little off the path of said technique.

Anyway, a few nights ago, I had an epiphany while staring off into space trying to figure out something totally unrelated: since I was gagging to have my braids out, why not take them out, have my own hair for a few days as I was missing it so much and then have it threaded by Friday (seeing as my weekends are too busy to make out some 3 hours for my hair and who knows what next week will be like?).

I've probably said it before that I'm quite impulsive so without thinking too much about it, I took out my braids, called the lady to book a home appointment (I'm also going to have her come train me and my girls in the salon) and last night, Bam! I got it done :)

Wash and Go using Eco Styler Gel

I tried, I really did but I couldn't hack it anymore - I missed my hair too much so took out my braids! If I could hug my hair after taking down my braids I'm sure I would have lol!!
I was sitting down trying to relax 2 nights ago when I decided I was going to do something to my hair this Friday and in order to get that 'something' done, I needed to loosen my braids and prepare it (I was just looking for an excuse anyway).

Thankfully since they were twists, I had them loosened  in no time and then proceeded to pre poo with my Vatika coconut oil on my hair and my Njoy Sulphur mix on my scalp.

I combed my hair out and considering the fact that we shed on average 50 - 100 hairs daily and I'd had my braids in for over a month; the shed hairs that I got weren't bad at all. Plus I didn't have breakage as I'd faithfully spritzed my hair daily with a moisturizer.

New Opening Hours at KL's Natural Beauty Bar

Due to popular demand and frequent requests, the Salon's opening times have now been amended. Our new opening times are now as follows:

Mondays - Closed.
Tuesdays - Saturdays: 9am - 6pm
Sundays: 1pm - 7pm
Environmental Saturdays: 11.30am - 6pm.

This way we will be able to accomodate more people who take advantage of the weekends to get their hair done in preparation for the work week. So this Sunday February 9th, KL's will be open to serve you.

Look forward to seeing you!