Wash and Go using Eco Styler Gel

I tried, I really did but I couldn't hack it anymore - I missed my hair too much so took out my braids! If I could hug my hair after taking down my braids I'm sure I would have lol!!
I was sitting down trying to relax 2 nights ago when I decided I was going to do something to my hair this Friday and in order to get that 'something' done, I needed to loosen my braids and prepare it (I was just looking for an excuse anyway).

Thankfully since they were twists, I had them loosened  in no time and then proceeded to pre poo with my Vatika coconut oil on my hair and my Njoy Sulphur mix on my scalp.

I combed my hair out and considering the fact that we shed on average 50 - 100 hairs daily and I'd had my braids in for over a month; the shed hairs that I got weren't bad at all. Plus I didn't have breakage as I'd faithfully spritzed my hair daily with a moisturizer.

The one thing I did notice immediately was my hair was a little 'mushy' and I realized my mistake instantly - I'd been using a moisturizing spray and had neglected to introduce some protein into my mix!!! It was a good thing I'd taken them out then before I started getting moisture induced breakage.

 I definitely needed a protein fix. ( As hair is made up of protein and water, too much protein will lead to moisture deficient breakage and too much moisture will lead to protein deficient breakage - the trick is finding the balance between the two).

I had errands to run to pulled my hair up into my customary puff (which I'd missed sooo much) and did all I had to do - returned to the salon and then proceeded to start my hair process.

First thing I did was clarify, used a moisturizing shampoo and then used a heavy protein treatment (Nairobi's Nairo Plex Treatment) I then followed that up with a moisturizing deep conditioner (Cantu Naturals Deep Treatment Masque) and used my Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in.

*A heavy protein treatment will really strengthen your hair to the point where it is almost dry - ALWAYS follow up protein treatments with a moisturizing treatment to infuse moisture back into the hair.*

I was just going to let it air dry without much ado but then decided to try something I've been meaning to - a wash and go using Eco Styler gel.

Remembering that this works best on soaking wet hair, I re wet my hair in sections, and proceeded to apply eco styler using the 'shingling' method.

Starting from the back, I'd take sections, smooth the gel in to the section in a downward motion until the hair strands began to clump. Then I'd use my fingers and rake them through the sections - voila!

 Beautiful defined coils in no time. You should try it out soon!

I shall be back at the weekend to unveil this 'something' I'm planning on doing on my hair :)


  1. Beautiful hair u av got dear. Pls like how many years is ur hair now?

  2. Thank you so much! I will be 2 years natural May this year. So I'm about 21 months natural at the moment.

  3. why does it look matted like a ruff living room carpet or something?!? Hideous!!

    1. What is wrong with you? That's such an ugly comment