The End Of My Colon Cleanse Journey and My Twist And Curl Using Perm Rods.

I finally did it! I completed the 9 day colon cleanse and live to tell the story! lol. Don't mind my theatrics. So I got through the 5 day liquid only fast (just barely) and have gradually introduced solid food back into my diet. By the 4th day my jeans were beginning to sag around my derriere and that's how I knew I was really losing weight :) - that's always the first 'victim' when I lose weight.

So my final weight was 70.8kg. I know it will probably adjust to a 71/72kg and then I'll probably just maintain that. There's a boot camp starting in my area next week and I've been contemplating joining - not to lose weight but to build muscle and tone up any *ahem* loose areas. It should be interesting to see how that turns out. I will definitely be taking pictures of each area of my body before the boot camp starts and then take pictures right after to see how well I've done.

For some reason, the colon cleanse this time around was a little harder on me psychologically than the last time I did it. I can't really put my finger on what was different this time but then again I think the last time, I was in need of a distraction and I turned everything I did into personal projects to be achieved and would pour myself into them wholeheartedly.

And Monday was sooooo hard! lol I kept going to the kitchen, walking round and imagining all the delicious things I could be cooking up. Thankfully my mum came round at some point and I had a guest later so with all the gisting I was able to keep my mind away from food.

But overall, I'm definitely pleased with the results - I lost 2 inches round my waist, got rid of a ton of gross stuff in me, some tiny bumps under my chin and on my cheek disappeared and my skin has a nice glow to it! As a final reward for completing the cleanse, I've decided to treat myself to a Moroccan Hammam spa treatment - since I've done an internal cleanse, might as well do a full body exfoliation! (Any excuse to spoil oneself eh?)

*Hair Update*

I took out the thread because I knew that even though I was spritzing faithfully and more than usual; the moisture just wasn't getting past all the layers of thread and wool on my strands. I didn't want to sacrifice the health of my hair just for a beautiful style! And it was beautiful! Everyone was disappointed I took it out but hey! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

So I shampooed, deep conditioned with my Cantu Deep treatment mask, used my kinky curly leave in and sealed with the Tropic Isle Argan Oil serum. On damp hair, I  did a twist and curl using my KL's Whipped Butter as a styler as I wanted a soft hold then rolled the twists with some medium sized perm rods and let them air-dry overnight. .

Following morning, I took out the rods, unravelled the twists and styled it into a side swept updo! Loved loved loved it! I got a lot of compliments with this too and curious looks leading to questions of - is this your hair? Lol! I love it when that happens.

Anyway, I plan to leave my hair out for at least 3 weeks before doing anything in terms of braiding etc to it. I feel like my hair hasn't been pampered in a while and I intend to do that over the next coming weeks. I'm also going to do a documented inversion method in the first week of March so stay tuned for that update!

Have a great one folks! xo


  1. Chei! u are really creative with this hair thing oh. Pls what did u use to hold the hair up? my hair is too thivk for pins. i have to use a lot for it to hold and it always looks messy :(

  2. Aww thank you so much Le Lovergirl! I use pins too - but somehow I manage to ensure that the hair on top is artfully arranged over the pins so they're not visible! You could try that! I find that works best when my hair is in some sort of style - twist out, braid out etc as the curls make it easier to arrange the hair around the pins. Let me know how that works for you!

  3. Okay i will try that and see how it works out. Thanks K

    1. You're welcome! One more thing - if you can get the long pins, it would work better too as you'd need fewer pins.....