Day 3 of the Liquid Only Fast - and the unthinkable happens!

I'm in a little bit of a funk at the moment - now while everything had been going according to plan since Friday when I started the 5 day liquid only fast, a spanner was thrown into the works this morning. So, Friday and Saturday morning, I juiced enough apples to see me through the day and stored in an airtight container - took with me to the salon and when it was time for my 'fix' (at 3 hour intervals) I would pour out 8 oz of apple juice, add my toxin absorber, shake and drink.

This morning I was in the process of doing the same thing when *gasp* my darned juicer went and broke down! To be truthful it had been sounding a little weird on Saturday but I just thought it needed to rest ( I use my juicer quite often).

I truly have no intention of buying another juicer (this one cost me over 30k and is just about 10 months old) and seeing as I can't use packaged juice, I'm just going to use water for my mixes till I can have someone look at the power box tomorrow. I have to say though that it tastes way better with apple juice but I shall just grin and bear it for now.

One serving of  freshly squeezed apple juice

Anyway as I said earlier, everything is going pretty well - the toxin absorber gives me a 'full' feeling so I don't have any hunger pangs at all which is great. I did have a faint moment yesterday because I was so caught up with work that I had missed a dose and had a wave of dizziness. I quickly drank some of my apple juice and water, sat down for a little while and felt much better.
Apple juice mixed with the toxin absorber

 I had planned to have an enema done last night but was so incredibly tired, I fell asleep on my couch - ended up doing it this morning! Let's just say a lot of built up stuff is gradually being expelled - I shall not disgust anyone with details but for those who are contemplating a cleanse such as this and want to learn more about the sort of things that come out, you can google 'Mucoid Plaque'.

So that's it for now - I'm trudging on and looking forward to when I can chew food again! The one challenge I forsee in this journey is tomorrow when I'm going to be home all day - I regularly open my fridge at least 20 times when I'm home (am I the only one who does this???) so tomorrow is going to be interesting....

On the hair tip, I loosened the threading I had done and will probably do a post tomorrow on how that went.

Till then! xoxo

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