Day 2 of the pre cleanse and I'm feeling good!

After a few false starts, I finally got my act together and started the pre cleanse yesterday! I'd earlier said I would begin on Friday the 14th but I completely forgot that my Fridays are normally set aside for something entirely incompatible with this. Then Saturday and Sunday were quite busy at the salon and I'd forgotten to pack my lunch (or eat before leaving the house for that matter) so I couldn't follow the detailed plan for the pre cleanse.

Then on Monday I started the day with a plan to commence the pre cleanse but neglected to read the instructions again to confirm when at night I was to take the digestive stimulator. Somewhere in my mind, I believed it was AFTER dinner only for me to eat dinner, grab the bottle and see that I was supposed to have taken it BEFORE dinner!

Lol!! Anyway, finally yesterday I commenced the pre cleanse and I'm feeling good about it!

I made sure to weigh myself first so I'd be able to track my entire progress and my starting weight is 73.3 kg. I know a lot of people gasp when they hear me say I weigh seventy anything kilograms because I don't look heavy but hey! I guess I have big bones or something :)

So, yesterday the plan was to eat the 'regular' size of my modified breakfast, lunch and dinner (no poultry, dairy, sugar, regular salt, caffeine or processed meats) and I think I did good. The trouble with me when I embark on stuff like this is that my brain just shuts down and refuses to explore food options that will take these restrictions into account; therefore I end up eating just fruit and vegetables! So yesterday I had fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch and for dinner, made a sardine and veggie stirfry with a little yam.

I made sure I took my required number of digestive stimulator capsules right before dinner, then juiced 4 apples to mix with my toxin absorber about 2 hours after dinner and  drank 16 ounces of water to wash it all down!
The 16 oz shaker jar for mixing my apple juice and toxin absorber - add and shake!

Now the objective of the digestive stimulator is to ensure that for the duration of the cleanse I 'go' at least 3 times every day :) - this ensures that every nasty thing stored up in the bowels is cleansed out gradually yet effectively.
So there! Today is the second day and my food portions are smaller than what I had yesterday then tomorrow the portions will be even smaller. My liquid only fast will begin on Friday.

Whoop whoop!!


  1. hmmmm inspiring. Tell me where do I get this thing from.

    1. Thanks Ona! I don't know of anywhere it's being sold and we're currently out of stock. As soon as I get more I can send you an email? If you could, please send an email to so I can have your details to hand. Thanks again!

  2. I've met you before and there is NO WAY you're 73.3kg!!!

    Question: Can I safely blowdry my hair and get a trim at yours? What would the pricing be?

    1. Hahahaha! Trust me I get that every single time. I think it's just the way I'm built .Any time I go below 69kg, I begin to look like a lollipop lady loll.
      Answer: Of course you can! With a wash and deep condition it will be 4,500 if you're just blow drying and trimming it will be 2,000 (but you'd need to come with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair to start the protective process before blow drying)