My Week In Styles Plus My 'Triapple'

My Cinna Puff

I'd promised I was going to be experimenting with some 'funky' styles right? lol Let's just say I was lacking a little in inspiration last week. I still managed to get a couple of styles in and I also discovered that:

-  My braid out results have waaay better definition and look better than twist outs. You're probably wondering why it took me this long to find out? Well I've never been one for any of the 'outs' so double strand twist outs, flat twist outs, braid outs, 3 strand  twist outs (ever tried that?) were never my go to style.

Quick Length Check

Somehow I neglected to do a length check at the end of the 2014 so I thought I'd do a quick one here. I remembered that I have these length check T Shirts and it's definitely a better and more accurate way to track my progress and see what my hair is doing in terms of length retention.

Anyway I wore the T Shirt over my dress and had my brother take this picture - I clearly had forgotten that's what I did because when he showed me the picture on the camera to confirm if it would do, I literally freaked out because I saw what looked like colorful vine tattoos on my arms! He was like what are you on about??? and then I looked down and sheepishly started laughing at my silly error.

So, it seems I've retained about 3 inches in the past 8 months. I've concluded that my growth rate is a little under half an inch a month - that plus a few trims in that period and while I could have done better, I'm not doing too bad I guess.

Here's to healthier hair in the coming months of 2015!!

Valentine's Night Wash Day Using My Shea Butter Cottage Product Stash.

So,I had a very special valentine's night - me and my hair got it on with some good old TLC :) I'd taken my hair out a couple of days before and I truly didn't have the strength or even the time to go through a proper wash day with deep conditioning etc. I also knew I needed a protein treatment which meant extra time so I decided to keep my hair in a puff till I was able to wash.

Anyways, what better day to love my hair than valentines? and that's just what I did! Before that though, I tried out the Bamboo Milk leave in (which doubles as a daily moisturizer) when I took out my braids and let me tell you something folks, this stuff is THE BIZNESS!!!! It literally melted all the tangles in my hair! I was sold at the first spritz. I am so bummed it only comes in this little 100ml bottle!

My First Bride of 2015!

Sometime late last year, this lovely young lady got in touch with me about styling her hair for her big day. She wasn't entirely sure what style she would be going for so we went through a number of trials before settling on the styles.

Now as is the case with most brides these days, she was going to be changing her dress at some point during the reception but she didn't just want to change her dress, she also wanted to change her hair styles - a formal do for church and the early part of the reception and then something more 'fun' for the latter part of the day.
Clip ins - washed and conditioned

After initial consultations, we decided we'd use the 'For Kinks' Heat Free Hair Clip ins to create both styles and she went about ordering them. Going by the ones I'd used on brides in the past, I knew the color would be slightly lighter than her hair so we agreed I'd color the hair to a darker shade.

My Stash of Exotic Butters And Oils!!

 A good customer of mine (who's hair I style for her wedding last year in Abuja) recently opened up a natural hair and skin product online store and on going to the site, I noticed she had the most delicious sounding stuff! The line of products currently available are from Shea Butter cottage which is a small company in the UK well known for its natural and exotic butters, oils and products sourced using ethical means and promoting fair trade.

Considering the fact that I'm on a mission to use more natural stuff this year, and there were items there she had (like murumuru butter) that I'd heard of but never tried, I knew I had to order asap!
So I put in an order for Avocado Butter, Murumuru Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter (aren't you just licking your lips already) Hibiscus oil, palm kernel oil, a rhassoul clay bar, a coconut and marula deep conditioner and a bamboo milk leave in/daily moisturizer. (I swear by the time I'm finished with my hair, it will magically sprout a garland of flowers and begin to dance the hula on my head)