Valentine's Night Wash Day Using My Shea Butter Cottage Product Stash.

So,I had a very special valentine's night - me and my hair got it on with some good old TLC :) I'd taken my hair out a couple of days before and I truly didn't have the strength or even the time to go through a proper wash day with deep conditioning etc. I also knew I needed a protein treatment which meant extra time so I decided to keep my hair in a puff till I was able to wash.

Anyways, what better day to love my hair than valentines? and that's just what I did! Before that though, I tried out the Bamboo Milk leave in (which doubles as a daily moisturizer) when I took out my braids and let me tell you something folks, this stuff is THE BIZNESS!!!! It literally melted all the tangles in my hair! I was sold at the first spritz. I am so bummed it only comes in this little 100ml bottle!

I was excited to try out more of the stuff I bought - next up was the Palm Kernel Oil which I used as a pre poo treatment to strengthen and give my hair some shine.

Palm Kernel Oil is extracted from within the kernel as opposed to the red oil (which we use in cooking) which is extracted from the pulp of the oil palm fruit. Palm kernel oil is dark and has a very 'earthy' smell and has traditionally been  used to moisturize hair and skin, stimulate growth and cure constipation and epilepsy (not sure if any documented facts on the last 2 claims exist). I actually didn't mind the smell at all and it reminded me vaguely of some of the familiar smells from my grandmother's house.

So when I was ready to wash,  I first detangled my hair with my Suave Conditioner, got my rhassoul clay bar, wet my hair thoroughly and then worked up a rich lather, making sure to wash 3 times while massaging my scalp firmly till it was nice and warm.

When I rinsed off, I noticed my hair was clean but didn't have a stripped feel to it. Actually it almost felt like there was a little 'film' of something on my hair - not sure I actually liked it and it reminded me of the first time I washed my hair with the Tropic Isle shampoo but when I switched up my pre poo oil, I didn't feel that film in my hair the next time I used it. So maybe it was the combination of the oil and conditioner - will keep trying the bar with different pre poo methods and see how my hair responds.

Anyway, I then mixed one egg, some mayonnaise, honey and olive oil for my protein treatment - slathered it on my hair, left it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed off. Time for my moisturizing Deep conditioner.

Looks like one of those chocolate varieties that come in boxes

Clear instructions

Final mix with heated coconut milk

The Cocoa and Marula conditioner came with instructions so there was no trying to figure out what to do. Unlike regular conditioners, this one comes in a little solid round mould. The instructions said to mix with water that had just been boiled or coconut milk. Of course as soon as I saw the latter I ran to my kitchen cupboard and grabbed a tin. lol Water is just too..... basic mehn!

So I heated up the coconut milk (after I had scooped up like 3 spoon fulls into my mouth because it was so darned creamy!) and poured in a little at a time, over the conditioner, using a spoon to break it up and mix it.

Once it was done, I had this urge to begin to eat this concoction - it reminded me of 'Frejon'! The mix of the coconut and cocoa powder smells were almost too much for me hehehehehe. Having calmed myself down, I applied the mix to my hair, thoroughly saturating it and then wrapped it up with some saran wrap.

After the recommended 45 minutes, I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. The downside to this conditioner is the fact that it doesn't blend in completely smooth. It felt a little grainy but I made sure to use the pressure of the shower to literally 'beat' it out of my hair. When I was done, my hair was oooooooohhhhh sooooooooooooo soft!!!!! I used the bamboo milk leave in and topped up with some hibiscus oil and I was sold! (Hibiscus oil has long been used to boost hair growth, increase the shine and softness of hair, and prevent premature greying and split ends)

I barely had any hair coming out, my hair was easy to comb through and felt soft yet strong to the touch (my earlier protein treatment should also take some credit actually lol)

The following morning, I took out my plaits, applied some murumuru butter and fluffed out my hair - it felt so soft, had great shine and volume and I was a happy camper!!! I'm definitely loving the products I bought from Shea butter cottage and will in the next few days whip up a few batches of mixed butters (using the mango, avocado, murumuru and cocoa butters).

I ended up threading my hair later Sunday night to help stretch it further so I can experiment with some funky styles this week. Will definitely be bringing you some pictures soon to let you know how that goes

Till my next post!!



  1. O ga o Kemi, too jealous!!!! Looks great!

  2. Great going Kemi. You inspire me. BR, Bunmi

  3. This is great! I love SBC products, Akua Wood is so inspirational especially in the way she is helping to empower women in Ghana through her business. Can't wait to try these products!