The Versatility of Marley Hair

I absolutely love love Marley hair and all the lovely wonderful things you can get to do with it. From twists to faux buns to crochet braids to updo's, to faux locs, the list is seemingly endless!

Just thought to give us a bit of inspiration for the various styles that can be created using Marley hair. Now there are so many brands - but typically the textures tend to be the same all through (give or take some softness and fluidity here and there)

My December Brides!!!

What an amazing month it's been! I can't believe how fast this year has literally run by and how much the store has evolved in the last year.

December saw me styling 3 brides and I loved every minute spent prepping and styling them for their big days!

My Latest Crochet Install

So I decided to switch up my crochet style after seeing a lot of really interesting styles online that I swear were calling out my name.
So this time around I decided I'd use Marley Hair - but instead of installing then curling with perm rods as most people do, I decided to curl each individual strand of hair before installing it - this would ensure I got a tighter curl and I wouldn't be bending my head in too many neck aching positions just to get my hair into hot water.

So I purchased the Janet Nor brand of Marley Hair which I really really like (and which is the brand we use in the salon) cut each strand of hair in half, brushed it out with a paddle brush, rolled it up on perm rods, soaked them in hot water, let them dry for a while and this was the curl that I was left with.

I prepared 4 packs of hair since i was curling individual strands - didn't want to be left halfway with half my hair done and no curled strands available.

Size of the perm rods used

Updo's I'm loving this Festive Season

Quite apart from the fact that they're quick and relatively easy to create, updo's can also be dressed up whichever way you desire, particularly in this Festive season - giving you different stylish and glam options that can be switched up effortlessly.

Whether it's with your own hair, or with a bit of help from a pack of Marley or kanekalon hair, you could just let your imagination guide you.

Below are a few styles created for a few customers and for myself in the last couple of weeks:

Tweaking Your Regimen For The Harmattan Season

As promised, here are more details on the information I shared on the the Tweet chat so it's in one detailed post for easy reference.

We all know that in the drier months, our skin, lips and hair get all dry, crackly and annoying. As someone who already has a dry skin condition, trust me these dry months are very very annoying but thankfully I've figured out ways to combat the dryness. I'll be sharing some of my tips for skin and haircare and hopefully, they'll help someone out there!


First things first, eliminate all shower gels and cleansers that contain soap - Just like our hair, our skin has its natural oil secreted by its sebaceous glands and using cleansers with harsh detergents, strip our skin, leaving it drier than normal. The best thing to switch to will be soap free cleansers with conditioning agents and good examples are:

1. Dove Body washes and soap bars

2. Sebamed Cleansing bars ( I really like Sebamed as they have a healthy skin pH value of 5.5)

3. Eucerin Calming Body Wash

4.  Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash

5. Pears Body washes and cleansing Bars

So I got to work Backstage at the Nigerian Fashion Show!!!

Hanging with stylist Chika and Tokunbo Chiedu, MD Compass Consulting who are the country reps for Design Essentials

Whoop whoop! So I get a call from the Country representatives of Design Essentials asking if I'd like to be part of the hair styling team for the Nigerian Fashion show for 2 days. Would I???? Heck yea!!
I'm not so short after all!

It was kind of a last minute thing for me so I had to (happily) re arrange my schedule so I could help with the prepping of the models the day before the show and then work with them backstage for both days of the show.