Updo's I'm loving this Festive Season

Quite apart from the fact that they're quick and relatively easy to create, updo's can also be dressed up whichever way you desire, particularly in this Festive season - giving you different stylish and glam options that can be switched up effortlessly.

Whether it's with your own hair, or with a bit of help from a pack of Marley or kanekalon hair, you could just let your imagination guide you.

Below are a few styles created for a few customers and for myself in the last couple of weeks:

This customer has very very thick, coarse hair that's quite long. She'd dyed it fiery red about 6 months ago hence all the growth. She wanted something she could use for a wedding - specifically, something that was rolled tucked and pinned (she was quite particular lol)

So after looking at a few pictures for inspiration, I created this look for her which she was very happy with and so was I!

Another customer wanted an updo that would last a little while but her hair wasn't long enough to keep in a bun for an extended period so we decided to weave the hair first then add a bit of marley hair up top to create the 'effect'

Then of course I've been creating and recreating buns on my hair using my trusted pack of Marley hair :) When I get tired of putting my hair up in my customary puff, I just bun it, attach a pack of Marley hair and turn it this way and the other, pinning it into place.

My selfie at The Experience :)

These 2 are pretty much the same bun done on different days. I'd taken out my crochet braids and while caring for my hair in the week before putting it away again, I wore buns most of the time.

Will be doing a post soon about my latest crochet install. Stay tuned!!!


  1. Love the various updos can u tell me what kind of gel u use that won't flake. Thanks

    1. Thanks! I like Eco Styler gel - never had a problem with it