Some Fabulous Natural Hair Styles To Get You Going!

This month has been such that sometimes I'm not sure if I'm going or coming lol!! I thought I'd bring a little peek into what I've been up to in recent times... but before that, a quick update about my hair:

So, this year I've been doing a lot of wig wearing - it's enabled me take better care of my hair as I'm now able to cleanse and deep condition weekly and moisturize more effectively.

I've also started doing more ayurvedic treatments (yay!!) as I'd really missed the extra pampering and nurturing my hair gets from them. My hair is definitely thicker, and my curls are popping even better!!

Look at those gorgeous waves!!! 

So I'm definitely feeling this wigs as a protective styling option - As long as the wigs are short and off my face and neck that is!! The heat in this Lagos has not been fun at all.

3 Day Natural Hair Training Coming Up From The 25th - 27th April!!

Hi Dolls!

It's been a minute!!! So much happening, so much going on, so thankful!!! So KL's Natural Beauty Bar will be having it's first training session next week from the 25th to the 27th of April!!! This has been a dream of mine and I just needed to bite the bullet and go for it!

So, it will be 3 days where I will be teaching about the Science of Hair, how to manage and maintain Natural Hair textures and also how to style Natural hair into fabulous, eye catching styles!!

Venue is 66 Bode Thomas Street, Suru Lere and time is 9am to 4pm daily. Cost is 15,000 for one day or 30,000 for all 3 days.