Loving My Inverted Braids Plus Cornrow Combination

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas!!! Trust we've all been eating and having a merry time this holiday season! I'm sure I've gained a few pounds already but I shall not think too much of it - I shall go into operation melt the pounds off in the days to come :)

It's been such an incredibly busy time what with the season, trying to get the new place ready and a million other things happening at the same time! I knew I wouldn't have time to worry about my hair so decided to put it away in a protective style - but this time I wanted something a little different from what I would usually do.

KL's Natural Beauty Bar Is Coming To Lekki!!!

I am beyond excited to share this news!!! Our expansion plans for the year have finally taken root! It has been such an interesting journey - one which I will share soon.