Loving My Inverted Braids Plus Cornrow Combination

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas!!! Trust we've all been eating and having a merry time this holiday season! I'm sure I've gained a few pounds already but I shall not think too much of it - I shall go into operation melt the pounds off in the days to come :)

It's been such an incredibly busy time what with the season, trying to get the new place ready and a million other things happening at the same time! I knew I wouldn't have time to worry about my hair so decided to put it away in a protective style - but this time I wanted something a little different from what I would usually do.

pre poo butter! Hair was nice and soft before washing!

After taking out my crochet braids, I didn't have time for a full wash day so had to stagger it over a couple of days lol. I spent the first week wearing a wig since I couldn't be rocking dirty hair then when I decided on what days I could squeeze my wash day into, I planned accordingly.

I first pre poo'd with Natmaine's pre poo butter by applying it to my hair and leaving it for a while to penetrate (it says to apply and sit under a dryer but as I didn't have time for that, I just went about my day with the butter in my hair) Then I proceeded to wash my hair with a sulfate shampoo ( I hadn't shampooed in a while and had been co washing and using quite a bit of product in the last 5 weeks).

Freshly washed :)

Then I went ahead and did a henna treatment as I was in need of some strengthening!

I used my beloved Godrej Nupur henna - mixed it overnight with hot water and then added a bit of coconut oil to it just before applying on damp hair.

Henna applied - time for bed!

Left the henna in overnight and then rinsed and co washed in the morning. Got to the salon and deep conditioned with our special KL's Conditioner mix - hair was nice and soft with strength to it.

I then blow dried my hair (no time for air drying) on low heat and speed till it was about 85% stretched and then went ahead to get my cornrows in.

I wanted something quick yet eye catching so settled for 6 inverted cornrows (didi) with skinny cornrows. I used 3 packs of  Xpression color 2 and total styling time was just under 2 hours.

I love it!

I accessorized with these silver hair jewellry pieces and have been rocking my hair for about a fortnight now. It's been such a breeze - i lightly spritz with a braid sheen every other day and follow up with an oil.
Been rocking them nicely!

I also oil my scalp every 3 days or so and that's it!

Its beginning to get fuzzy now as expected but I'm hoping I can stretch it for another 4 - 5 days before I start looking like an untidy muppet loll!

Everyone loves it and I've had a few clients get the same thing too! I'm always so happy when that happens.

I recently got a U Part wig from Her Given Hair and I can't wait to show you guys what that looks like and the many styling options!!! Stay tuned!

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