3 Day Intensive Natural Hair Training!

To round up the year, we will be doing one last 3 day natural hair training workshop showcasing how to get some gorgeous, eye turning red carpet updos, how to get amazing silk presses on natural hair and also utilizing amino acid treatments; and finally how to help your client (or yourself) transition with as little trouble as possible.

Having Fun At The Genevieve Beauty Awards

Firstly I want to say a big big thank you to everyone who took time out to vote for me! Though we didn't win (this time) it meant so much to me that:
1. My work was recognised
2. So many people were full of encouragement and went out of their way to vote and also got others to vote.

I am truly thankful!

Okay so having said that, the awards show (this was their first) was billed to start at 5pm on Sunday the 13th of Novemer -  I had planned on getting there for 6/6.30 thinking that they wouldn't start on time (hides face).

I had deliberated on what I would wear - it's an award show, I was a nominee so I had to look great right? :) My really good friend Kix suggested I go to Moofa Designs and seeing as they're also in Dolphin, that made it easier for me. I browsed their instagram page and saw this pretty blue dress that looked like it would be perfect.

Went in the next day and there the dress was just waiting for me to pick it up lollll. Seriously though, I tried it on and it was a near perfect fit. They just needed to take a few inches in on the sides and take the hem up a little as it was too long and that was it!

Natural Nigerian, Moi, Dabs of Naijahaircangrow and YellowSisi

So Sunday dawns bright and early and I have all sorts of things lined up on my schedule including styling hair for a couple of models on a shoot for Stella's Addiction and Eleanor Goody. Of course I got caught up at work and ended up leaving the salon at almost 4pm. Still had to go get make up done, clean up and dress up!

I hate rushing through stuff so I was already getting a little panicky when my makeup didn't start till 5pm - finished just before 6 and rushed home to get dressed. At this point I still wasn't sure what I was doing with my hair so I knew I would have to create something fast!

Check Out These Wigs And New Styles I've been Rocking!

At the Beauty Africa Exhibition

So! I've been trying to enjoy my hair a bit more without manipulating too much. What that translated to was me wearing out my hair a few times in my go to rolled updos, then I experimented with twists (which I'm not very crazy about lol) and lastly, a few wigs for colour, volume and to make it more interesting.
Just taken down my crochet braids, and doused my hair in oil lol. You can actually see the streaks of oil in my hair

Also because I've been working out quite a bit, I want to be able to co wash or rinse more often without having to be worried about the extensions on my hair. Speaking of which! I had twists done a few weeks ago - co washed with the ManeChoice 3 in 1 conditioner and then deep conditioned with their restorative mask.

Our Beautiful Brides, Brides To Be and Bridesmaids Wearing Their Natural Crowns!

Hi everyone! It's been a minute!!

So I kinda broke my laptop (covers face) and it's been a nightmare doing anything.

see how flat it now lies?  It couldn't stay upright anymore!

The truth is that, it could well have been avoided if I'd done something when it first happened - I had mistakenly kicked it off my centre table months ago and one side of it cracked. I took it for repairs and was told they would have to hold on to it for about a week! I kept thinking what would I do without a laptop for a week??

Well needless to say, I didn't drop it off and kept putting it off and the laptop went from bad to worse. Things got to a head when the screen was now affected and I would have to hook up my HDMI cable from DSTV to the darned thing so I could see what i was doing on my TV screen.

Anyway, thankfully I've been sorted with a new laptop now so I'm back in business!

Just thought I'd show you what we've been up to in the last couple of weeks (months even!) with our gorgeous brides, brides to be and bridesmaids.