Our Beautiful Brides, Brides To Be and Bridesmaids Wearing Their Natural Crowns!

Hi everyone! It's been a minute!!

So I kinda broke my laptop (covers face) and it's been a nightmare doing anything.

see how flat it now lies?  It couldn't stay upright anymore!

The truth is that, it could well have been avoided if I'd done something when it first happened - I had mistakenly kicked it off my centre table months ago and one side of it cracked. I took it for repairs and was told they would have to hold on to it for about a week! I kept thinking what would I do without a laptop for a week??

Well needless to say, I didn't drop it off and kept putting it off and the laptop went from bad to worse. Things got to a head when the screen was now affected and I would have to hook up my HDMI cable from DSTV to the darned thing so I could see what i was doing on my TV screen.

Anyway, thankfully I've been sorted with a new laptop now so I'm back in business!

Just thought I'd show you what we've been up to in the last couple of weeks (months even!) with our gorgeous brides, brides to be and bridesmaids.

Beautiful Doyin! Photo Credit: @iposhlooks on Instagram

Soft Rolls like these always give such an elegant look!

One yummy French roll served with 2 scrumptious Victory Rolls!

Some more soft rolls - no extensions added.

This hair!! This lovely young lady has been transitioning for a while and didn't want any extensions added - so we didn't! It's all hers!

Dami - Soft spoken, classy and elegant. Loved everything about her look that day.

Back view of Dami's hair

Soft rolls with a little extension added for extra volume.

3 of the 4 Naturalista Bridesmaids on the train. Featuring: Heat Free Hair 'For Kinks', 'For Kurls' (Left and bottom right) and regular marley hair installed as a one way vixen.

So much still happening and with the end of the year here, there's a lot of weddings and parties being planned so be sure that I will be bringing you loads of fun and hot looking hair creations!

See you soon! Mwuah!

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