Check Out These Wigs And New Styles I've been Rocking!

At the Beauty Africa Exhibition

So! I've been trying to enjoy my hair a bit more without manipulating too much. What that translated to was me wearing out my hair a few times in my go to rolled updos, then I experimented with twists (which I'm not very crazy about lol) and lastly, a few wigs for colour, volume and to make it more interesting.
Just taken down my crochet braids, and doused my hair in oil lol. You can actually see the streaks of oil in my hair

Also because I've been working out quite a bit, I want to be able to co wash or rinse more often without having to be worried about the extensions on my hair. Speaking of which! I had twists done a few weeks ago - co washed with the ManeChoice 3 in 1 conditioner and then deep conditioned with their restorative mask.

I then twisted my hair using their 'Doesn't Get Much Butter Than This' and had those twists in for about a week. In that week I co washed twice and would just apply the butter to damp hair. I decided to unravel the twists at the end of the week and even with the co washing in between, my twists were so well defined and lasted 2 days! And that's because I wanted to change my hair - it may have lasted longer. I was pretty impressed actually.
Twist out of life!!

Prior to that, I'd styled my hair for the Beauty Africa Exhibition and just switched it up for something a little new for each of the 3 days.
Side View

Back View
Feeling like a model lol

Nice and Rolled up with ends tucked away

At the She Leads Africa Conference. Source: mykinkandi 

I then had this wig made with some lovely hair from Crochet Extensions (Lase) and I love it!!!! It's been such a hit and a number of people have placed orders for this (this is why I always refer to myself as a walking advertisement for my work lol)

A few days ago I wanted something different so dug up and old wig and shaped it into something much shorter and voila! New wig!

This wig was so much bigger when I first got it loll. Its now quite cropped in the back

I've been having fun actually switching up my look and for the last 2 weeks my hair has just been in plaits underneath my wigs. I co wash when I have to and then spray with water, following up with the Manechoice butter or the Natural Nigerian Strengthening oil.

My hair is now due for a wash and Lord knows I don't have the energy - most people tell me: but you have a salon, why don't you just go and wash it there? Thing is, I love doing it myself - so except it's crucial or i'm really lazy and there's a bit of downtime in the salon, i'd just rather wash myself. Come to think of it, my last wash was in the salon lol! Maybe I should just wash it there and save myself the planning.

See y'all soon!

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