Finally got that trim!

So! My hair's been gagging for a trim (literally) and I knew I had to do something about it before I made things worse by allowing any split ends to travel up my hair shaft - damaging healthy hair.

For me when my ends start to look raggedy and 'transparent' i.e. compared to the density of the rest of the hair, you can 'see' through them; it's time for a trim! Now I would normally trim my hair when it's straightened but seeing as I'm on a no heat diet till December, I had to figure out a way to get a good trim on hair that wasn't straightened.

Product Review - Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque and Design Essentials Natural Honey Curl Forming Custard

Yep you guessed right - my excitement got the better of me and my twists came out at the weekend! :)

Truth is we were about to close in the salon on Saturday night and I was contemplating taking them out - still debating with myself I asked one of my staff and a customer and they both agreed that it was beginning to look rough - and that all the prompting I needed!

So, I took them out, put my hair in a puff and when I got home, finger detangled using my Vatika Coconut oil making sure I got the oil on every strand. I then covered with a plastic cap, wore my satin cap and went to sleep. The following day, I clarified, followed up with a protein conditioner (Aubrey Organics GBP) and after rinsing out, I knew I wouldn't have time to do a proper Moisturizing deep conditioning treatment at home as I had to head to the salon so I decided I'd do a full day affair with my deep conditioner.

When You're Married To A Woman With Natural Hair.

LOL!!! I came across this post when someone posted the link on Facebook and I KNEW I just had to share it here. It's too funny - plus as a woman with natural hair, it's also soooooooooooooooo true! lolll. I asked permission from 'Naijahusband' and so I'm posting here for you to cackle as much as I did.
When you’re married to a woman with natural hair… or a woman who wears her own hair…or a woman with any hair at all to be honest, you have to grow accustomed to certain things.
Let me try to list a few.
1) Watching her Bathroom Turn into a Mad Scientist’s Laboratory 
On any given day, NaijaWife, when not harassing me over my television watching, will disappear for hours. Once I don’t hear her asking me “what are you doing?” I know that means she has locked herself in the bathroom again.
I remember the first day I walked up to her bathroom door, curious to hear what was keeping her so long.  Smoke was coming out of the bottom of the door, and I think I heard some screams.
Moving closer, I could hear voices inside the bathroom (which I later realized were the faint sounds of a youtube video) giving her the following instructions:
  • Add 1/2 cup of  castor oil
  • Add 1 tsp of lavender oil
  • Add 10 drops of peppermint oil
I thought she was making a secret batch of candy until I heard the next few steps
  • Add 10 bat’s eyes
  • Add 1 goat’s head
  • Add the white feathers of a dove
WHAT was she making?! Herbal medicine? A witches potion?
I may be exaggerating about the ingredients, but it turned out she was making yet another “team natural” concoction.  Week after week I noticed she’d go through the same process until one day she came running out of the bathroom screaming:
mad scientist laugh

Protective Styling Update plus new products I'm excited about.

I almost can't believe I'm in my 6th week with these twists I installed using Marley hair! Not until recently did I start to miss my hair; I guess my mind has been in the right place with regard to retaining as much length as possible using protective styling.

Anyway I still plan to keep them in for another 2 weeks or so before I take them down, care for my hair for about a week and then it's back to another protective style (probably crochet braids)

So, last week I was trawling through the internet (as usual) and came across a post where a lady used 'Manshanu' (cow butter or cow ghee) to deep condition her hair. I was really intrigued and read up some more on it and found out that in some cultures, it has been used for centuries as a hair conditioning and growing agent. In Ethiopia for instance cow ghee is used as a hair strengthening, curling, styling and conditioning treatment and has been so used for centuries!
Curls popping! Slathered with cow ghee

Essentially fresh cow milk is boiled and then allowed to cool. On cooling, the butter separates from the liquid milk and is gently removed and used for cooking or (in this case) hair treatments!

Manetabolism In the House!

I literally squealed in delight yesterday when my shipment of stuff from the States arrived - for no other reason than it contained my order of Manetabolism!

 photo tumblr_lm11bt4OaK1qe6xr2_zps26378bcf.gif

I've been pretty excited about trying out these vitamins for a while now after reading through the testimonies of not just satisfied customers but the brains behind the vitamins - Courtney Adeleye. Courtney and her husband Dr. Adeleye, through research, countless tests, studies and experiments; formulated what is now known as the Manetabolism Hair (skin and nails) vitamins. You can click here for more details.

K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Sista!!!

Lawd! I just left a hair forum where there's a challenge going on and the sheer number of things on the daily and weekly 'to do list' left me dizzy.

I cannot stress this enough - develop a simple regimen and it is your CONSISTENCY that will determine the results you get. Doing so many things and adding too many things to your regimen has the potential not only to throw your hair off balance but when your hair begins to respond negatively, you will not be able to pin point what the exact problem is because, well - you're using too many things!

Then if you can't pinpoint which product is causing you grief, you take out the one which you think MIGHT be it, but the problem persists. You lose more hair than when you started, have weird smells following  you and end up getting frustrated.

It just isn't worth it I tell you - I've been there so I know exactly what I'm talking about lol!