Hair Growth, Length Retention and Good Hair Regimens: A Three Way Love Affair!

"I want something that will make my hair grow longer " is probably one of the most popular requests I get when people come into the store. With a smile, I always say to them that our hair is always growing so if you're not seeing length, the issue is not that the hair isn't growing but that length is not being retained.

Even if there was some magic pill or potion that would make the hair grow 3 inches or more a month, if the hair isn't being properly taken care of  and it is breaking off at pretty much the same rate at which it is growing, then it would seem like the hair isn't growing at all!

Building a good hair regimen is key in getting hair past any length plateaus one may have experienced in the past and also in getting hair healthy and strong. It's just like trying to get that dream body - no matter what miracle diet or pill is being touted, ultimately one discovers that a CONSISTENT regime of burning more calories than is being consumed is healthier and more sustainable.

Our hair grows on average about half an inch per month which means at the end of the year, we should be rocking 6 inches of extra length - thing is most times, we never get to see those extra inches because we either have no healthy hair regimens that ensure that our length is being retained or we have regimens that are actually counterproductive to our hair goals.

Porosity, Hygral Fatigue and Coconut Oil.

Since we opened up the Salon, one recurring problem I've noticed with a number of naturalistas is a high level of porosity - as easily as their hair sucks up moisture, it gives it back into the atmosphere, leaving them with dry strands. While a lot of times it could be genetic, it is further aggravated by external factors such as heat styling, chemical processes and even too much exposure to sunlight!

*Porosity is the hairs ability to absorb and hold moisture. The flexible, outer layer of the hair called the cuticle determines how easily water enters or leaves the hair. The easier it is for the hair to absorb and lose moisture, the higher the porosity of that head of hair and the more difficult it is for the hair to absorb moisture but better retain the absorbed moisture; the lower the porosity.*

When I was still relaxed, I'd wash my hair and leave it to air dry - all I'd need to do is walk around for about 10 or so minutes and my hair would be dry. I used to think it was such a blessing till I discovered that my damaged strands couldn't hold moisture for long!

Style Throwback!

So, my mum just recently moved houses and that meant a LOT of packing, determining stuff that was important and throwing away a lot of stuff that just had to go.

I am ashamed to say that this move exposed the fact that I have some pack rat tendencies - the sheer amount of stuff I had accumulated over the years and refused to dispose of was a little.... amusing actually. I mean I had notes that my best friend in QC then had passed to me in class, invitations to parties from secondary school through University, letters, slum books, cards, knick knacks - you name it. It definitely brought back a lot of memories but a lot of them just had to go.

The one thing that for sure was going nowhere were the pictures! Lawd! I had fits of laughter just seeing some pictures - some of which will NEVER be shown anywhere for as long as I live if I can help it.  Azzz innn! My goodness!

Then of course the pictures triggered memories of other best forgotten incidents. One that easily comes to mind was once in SS1 when a group of us in class decided that we were all going to do the same hair style for the following week. The style? 2 Shukus (yep, like 1 Shuku was not bad enough)

Shrinkage, Stretching and Sexy Styling! (Plus my Curlformers FAIL!)

If I was asked to name the one thing that I love most about being natural, I'd have to say the versatility of the textures and the styles one can wear. I can go from tight curls to loose curls to straight hair in a matter of hours if I so choose!

As my hair has grown, my texture has evolved to the point where every time I wash my hair, I stare in fascination at the springy coils that just form of their own volition - and the shrinkage? I love it! Some people have a love hate relationship with their shrinkage but I definitely have a LURV relationship with mine :)

 I particularly enjoy it when people get confused as to whether I have extensions in my hair or worse still, if I cut my hair - one day  they see me with shrunken hair that looks like a short Afro and then a few days later,they see longer twists (or the other way round). All I say is - it's water baby!