Sights and Sounds From The 2015 Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show.

My goodness!! It's been an intense last couple of days for sure. Not only did I get to attend the show but I also signed up for Taliah Waajid's intense 3 days hands on training seminar.

 I got into Atlanta the night before the show was to begin and tried to sleep but trust Jetlag and different time zones, I was up by 1.30am and struggled to get back to bed. Saturday morning, I managed to drag myself to the venue and immediately perked up once I got inside the exhibition hall and was enveloped by the sights and sounds of the show.

Entwine Couture had a very busy stand as they did a number of raffle draws

Blonde spikes - bold and beautiful!

I loved this lady's total look!

It was definitely a hair product and fashion lover's haven. Rows of stalls with well known brand names with old and new product lines, live hair styling demonstrations, unique jewelry pieces, hair and fashion accessories etc. I was immediately (albeit temporarily) cured of my jetlag loll.

The Upcoming World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta!

So!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Last year I had wanted desperately to attend this show which always has such great reviews, is filled with stalls and vendors with loads of  hair products, has loads of workshops for both professionals and non professionals and well, a great atmosphere. I wasn't able to attend and I was gutted but this year I wasn't going to let anything stop me!!

Rocking My Afro Wig.

I told you guys I'd bought a couple of wigs right? Wellllll I did but I've been favouring this absolutely light, soft and delicious looking Afro wig for almost 2 weeks now! It was very very big when it first came and I looked like a poodle with it on! loll. So I got to snipping and trimmed it to suit my face and I think I'm in love!!!!

I'd stumbled upon the handle @toniesmane on Instagram - and I really loved her selection of wigs. I decided to try 2 to begin with, and this Afro wig has not left my head since lol.

So!!! My Work Got Mentioned In The April Edition of UK Vogue!!!!!!!

Imagine a grown woman standing in the middle of a room, screaming and laughing and turning round and round till she gets incredibly dizzy - then she sits, looks around in wonderment and once the dizzy wave wears off, she repeats the same process. Well that grown ass woman was me!!!!! And what I hear you ask, was responsible for this unbecoming behaviour?

Welllllll! I had just discovered that I had been given credit in the April edition of UK Vogue for the styling work I did for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

It's so incredibly amazing because I never even thought they'd do credits!!! Stella of Stella's addiction had called me to say she'd recommended me to Chimamanda to get her hair done for an interview she was doing for Vogue and would I be available?!! As if I wouldn't be! lol!!!!  I got the call, arrangements were made, and she came down to the salon  (she's an incredibly sweet and fun, person by the way) so we could do a treatment and discuss possible hair styles.

On the day of the interview, I got to hers after I'd tossed and turned almost all night trying to figure out in my head what we were going to do, how she would like it, and the million ways I could mess up this opportunity.

I finally got myself together and got to hers, and we commenced styling. She's a woman who definitely knows what she doesn't want and what exactly she wants but thankfully we were able to agree on the final look.   She's also an incredibly private individual so we had to respect that and not go all crazy taking selfies to post on instagram and all of social media (because you know you'd have seen a trillion pictures of me with her by now lol)

My Spice TV Interview!

I got the honor of being interviewed by Spice TV for a program called 'Hair And Beauty With..' This actually happened sometime in January but I only just got a copy of the video.

Essentially it was me talking about how I started the salon, my positive and negative experiences so far, any advice I had for people who wanted to start their own natural hair business and my review on a few products stocked in the salon.

Getting A Well Needed Trim

My hair looks like a weird mushroom from this view lol

So, I'm not sure what has been up with my scalp lately but ever since my last crochet install, I had the itchies and a very sore scalp. (I've noticed in the last year that my scalp has become a bit more sensitive particularly in my crown area)  Coupled with the fact that I didn't particularly like the braid out I'd done with the hair and that for some reason I started to break out; I knew it was time to take the hair out - 1 day shy of 3 weeks.

I patiently snipped everything off and loosened the cornrows underneath, giving myself a massage and getting a feel of what my hair was telling me too. My ends felt like a dry sponge and even though I'd been spritzing faithfully, they were knotting up in places - I knew it was time for a GOOD trim.

The best way to trim natural hair is when it's straight so you can see properly what needs to go. I hadn't planned on stretching my hair yet but I knew if I let this go till the end of the year, I'd probably have to chop off more than I would have, if I had just trimmed earlier; plus I'd have damaged perfectly healthy strands as the split ends would have travelled down healthy hair shafts.