My Spice TV Interview!

I got the honor of being interviewed by Spice TV for a program called 'Hair And Beauty With..' This actually happened sometime in January but I only just got a copy of the video.

Essentially it was me talking about how I started the salon, my positive and negative experiences so far, any advice I had for people who wanted to start their own natural hair business and my review on a few products stocked in the salon.

I don't particularly enjoy speaking for cameras etc because I get so self conscious lol but I sucked it up and did my best for the cameras. The lady who sent me the video was only able to put together a 10 minute clip of the entire interview but it kinda captures most of what I'd said.



  1. I enjoyed the video. Weldone

  2. You did wonderful! You did a good job summarizing the basics of taking care of our natural hair.