Getting A Well Needed Trim

My hair looks like a weird mushroom from this view lol

So, I'm not sure what has been up with my scalp lately but ever since my last crochet install, I had the itchies and a very sore scalp. (I've noticed in the last year that my scalp has become a bit more sensitive particularly in my crown area)  Coupled with the fact that I didn't particularly like the braid out I'd done with the hair and that for some reason I started to break out; I knew it was time to take the hair out - 1 day shy of 3 weeks.

I patiently snipped everything off and loosened the cornrows underneath, giving myself a massage and getting a feel of what my hair was telling me too. My ends felt like a dry sponge and even though I'd been spritzing faithfully, they were knotting up in places - I knew it was time for a GOOD trim.

The best way to trim natural hair is when it's straight so you can see properly what needs to go. I hadn't planned on stretching my hair yet but I knew if I let this go till the end of the year, I'd probably have to chop off more than I would have, if I had just trimmed earlier; plus I'd have damaged perfectly healthy strands as the split ends would have travelled down healthy hair shafts.

So I made sure to wash, deep condition with a protein conditioner (tried out the Shea Radiance Keratin Deep Conditioning Mask and quite liked it) for about 20 minutes under the steamer. I then rinsed out with cool water, added my leave ins and heat protectant and using a denman brush and medium heat on medium speed, blow dried my hair.

In the past I've typically used a comb attachment on a blow dryer but there always seems to be tons of  tiny bits of hair on the floor after I'm done. This was the first time I used a denman brush and not only was my hair straighter, I barely had any tiny broken hairs littering the floor.

Trimmed hairs

I then proceeded to trim my hair after which I put it in plaits and went to bed at close to 2am (it wasn't so bad since I'd been up following the Election results on Channels TV)

My hair feels soooooooooo much better. No knotted strands on top and no rough feeling ends. Phew!

I just ordered a couple of wigs - think I'll rock those for a while and give my scalp a bit of rest.

Till my next post!



  1. Dearest Kemi, why o why are you letting that camera go to waste?!?!?!?! Every post, I'm itching to ask where the camera went and today I just couldn't hold it in :p Do you know if you have a samsung phone you can use it as a remote for the camera?


  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha! I actually use it for pictures in the salon. I just find it hard to handle when I'm trying to take 'selfies' But it was what I used for the pictures of my oil stash nau. Lollll. I don't have a Samsung oh.