Sights and Sounds From The 2015 Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show.

My goodness!! It's been an intense last couple of days for sure. Not only did I get to attend the show but I also signed up for Taliah Waajid's intense 3 days hands on training seminar.

 I got into Atlanta the night before the show was to begin and tried to sleep but trust Jetlag and different time zones, I was up by 1.30am and struggled to get back to bed. Saturday morning, I managed to drag myself to the venue and immediately perked up once I got inside the exhibition hall and was enveloped by the sights and sounds of the show.

Entwine Couture had a very busy stand as they did a number of raffle draws

Blonde spikes - bold and beautiful!

I loved this lady's total look!

It was definitely a hair product and fashion lover's haven. Rows of stalls with well known brand names with old and new product lines, live hair styling demonstrations, unique jewelry pieces, hair and fashion accessories etc. I was immediately (albeit temporarily) cured of my jetlag loll.

Models for the 'Be Natural' Brand

Courtney Adeleye of The Manechoice and myself.

Gorgeous ladies with equally gorgeous hair in different textures and hues.

'Nefertiti's Secrets' I didn't check out their products but was drawn by the eye catching name and decor

This stylist right here had magic fingers. I watched in awe as her fingers whirled through style after style.

What I also loved about this show was the fact that there were a number of free workshops - for both professionals and consumers. There were workshops on how to get a good silk press, coloring natural hair, building a healthy hair regimen, transitioning styles, braid patterns for weaves/crochetbraids, hair braiding 101 for mums etc

Now as much as I liked these workshops, what I didn't like was the fact that different stylists had different views when it came to the same things like the healthy way to blow dry  natural hair. If you were someone looking for answers you'd probably come away more confused after listening to some of these workshop coordinators.

One of the free workshops - she was demonstrating 'tree braids' here

Good old lotta body - they have a natural line that I've heard nothing but good reviews about. 

One of the models from the  show 

Best of all? There were lots and lots of discounts, deals and freebies to be grabbed!!! I fell in love with the beautiful and versatile presentations of natural hair by everyone around me - it was an optical feast!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Courtney Adeleye - Founder of Manechoice vitamins and products and Ms Taliah Waajid herself - a great inspiration to women honestly. She's a great example of hard work, focus, determination and belief in yourself.

Taliah Waajid (in red) with myself  and other members of the 3 day hands on training seminar

Marketing strategies were quite interesting

Hair, hair and more hair. Loving the distinguished grey puff on the lady to the right.

Locs were definitely not left out

Another model from the show sporting a funky two toned crochet braided style

Models on the runway

This right here is a U part wig! So cute!

Gorgeous african print skirts

Njoy was there too!

Mielle Organics - one brand I've been hoping to try. It was definitely a nice surprise seeing them there.

Design Essentials were represented too

I loved Tropic Isle's colorful stand


This lady's flaming red locs were so eye catching!

Shea Moisture - another popular and busy stand
The Mane Choice Stand

Be Natural stylists doing their thing.

*singing* Sweet like chocolate lollllllll

So, this stylist was showing his skills by styling these locs while blind folded!

Another view of those luscious locs

Love this updo accentuated by cowries!
I shall be bringing you more pictures including my product haul from the show! Stay tuned!



  1. Kai. I am really intimidated. We shall surely get there.

    This is beautiful.

    1. Very beautiful it was! We shall oh!

  2. What a wonderful place for you to be.
    I would love to see more pictures of you and the hair you rocked at the event.

    1. Thanks Idy! Alas as I was taking all the pictures I totally forgot to try and be IN them! But from the 3 or so pictures from this and my other post on the show you can see my trusted afro wig :)

  3. Great pictures, thank you! I feel like I was there and learned about some new products out there.

  4. Welcome back (whenever you are back). thanks for letting us be a part of the event!

    1. Thanks Archie!! I'm back now and Lagos has welcomed me well with the Fuel scarcity etc etc lol

  5. What a great event!! I wish I could have attended the show and got the reviews about various hair products. We, I am thinking to try out the revivogen hair products. Can you tell me if it is a good hair product?

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