My product haul from the World Natural Hair Show 2015 Plus a Little Birthday Surprise!

Some of the stuff I bought - some Dominican shampoo and conditioner, Hicks Edges, Entwine Couture, Jane Carter, Mielle Organics

Ah! Naija beckons and I'm ready to face everything that Lagos has to offer lol. I won't lie though, I am thoroughly pleased that the fuel scarcity decided to turn up when I was away. Judging from the updates and messages I was seeing and getting, that was one thing I sure did not miss.

Anyhoos, so I promised to show more pictures from the hair show plus some of my product haul. The deals were AMAZING particularly on the final day. For example the Hicks Edges that normally retails from anywhere between 1$2 and $15  was being sold at 3 for $27 on the first day and then 3 for $20 on the last day!!! Jane Carter Nourish and Shine which normally retails for about $22 was being sold at $10!
I have since tried this and my hair loved it!

Very light oil, doesn't leave the hair feeling weighed down at all!

Some of the freebies that were being handed out. I actually had to start turning them down when they were continually being offered.

There were a lot of product demonstrations going on - this was from the Hicks Total Transformations stand.

This was some weight loss tea promising these results.

NuDred - to get those locs started or just to add some fun texture to your 'fro!

Lovely paintings on display

The reps for the Jamaica Mango and Lime stand literally took over this section!

 Mielle Organics also had a 25% sale on  and so did Entwine Couture so I was able to get a few of the things I've been wanting to try plus stock up on stuff that I needed.
More product demonstrations - this one using As I Am products.

Honestly, the versatile hairstyles, textures and colors were a beauty to behold!

Got quite a few of these bands too....

My first introduction to entwine couture was by one of my favourite YouTube personalities TheChicNatural. I've always wanted to try their products and now I can!

There are more natural hair extension options that are increasingly affordable...

I fell in love with her bright blue tutu and asked for a picture!

Mixed Chicks stand

I'd never heard of this brand but loved their stand

Last Tuesday was my birthday and while I usually love to do a little something, I was going to be in class from 9am to 6pm so didn't really plan on doing anything. However, the lovely ladies who I had made friends with in the class, decided to surprise me and I was really really touched. Little cupcakes with candles plus a happy birthday song! It definitely made my day that more special.
My birthday cupcakes!!!

Ms Taliah Waajid and me trying not to feel intimidated loll

3 days of combing, flat twisting, braiding, rolling etc. Thankfully we got videos of everything because it was A LOT.

The lovely ladies in my class, our beautiful instructor and Ms Waajid.

I firmly believe I have abused and overused my lovely afro wig! I have gotten a few others that I will wear in rotation. Speaking of my afro wig though, boy did it get me a slew of compliments!!! People thought it was all mine! At some point I had to tell them in class that I was wearing a wig because I felt I was living a lie lollllll. Seriously though, I got a lot of people (particularly guys) walking up to me and telling me how beautiful my curls were. I can't say I didn't enjoy all the compliments :)

So, I'm back in London, getting ready to head back home. I'm all revved up and charged!!! New ideas, new techniques, new inspiration and definitely new lessons.

Let's go get 'em!



  1. Why did you reject the freebies naa? Your luggage couldn't take them all?

    1. Ah there are only so many sample packets I can collect na lol

  2. Happy belated birthday. Many more wonderful years ahead. The first picture, the Babassu product, what is it?

    1. Thanks Jaymodiva and Amen! It's a protein and moisture deep conditioner

  3. dnt I jst luv u..... plus, u rejected freebies? are u sure ure a nigerian? have a safe trip

    1. Lolllll. Thanks sweetie!! I kuku am o!!

  4. dnt I jst luv u..... plus, u rejected freebies? are u sure ure a nigerian? have a safe trip

  5. Pls where do I purchase the total transformation hick edges?