Packed weekend at the African Fashion Week Nigeria 2015 and the Nigerian Natural Hair Show!!

Boy! What a busy busy day Saturday was!!! Starting off with my first May bride in Magodo (thankfully, I had done most of the work the night before so there wasn't that much to do on the day of) I was up early so I could get there, and finish styling her.

Her style was pretty straightforward - she wanted loads of curls falling to her face in an updo so we decided to go for some crochet braids in the crown of her hair to give long lasting curls (so she could also enjoy the hair during her honeymoon). Hair was pre curled on small rods before hand and then I swept her hair up, cornrowed and crocheted the curls in. She loved it and everyone was oohing and aahing at the curls and wanted to get it done asap lol.

Fred of 'Who's That Girl Salon' Doing his thing

A few of the models, Tokunbo Chiedu (Design Essentials Nigeria) and moi :)

I love this picture of one of my models sitting and looking hot! Meanwhile check out those amazing designs!! Source: Orekagodis on Instagram

Right after that, I had to dash off to Lekki to go help style some of the models for the African Fashion Week Nigeria 2015 - while the main event is slated for the 23rd and 24th of May, there was going to be a show at the Daviva Store in The Palms Lekki later on in the day. Design Essentials Nigeria (one of the sponsors of the show) is partnering with a couple of salons (KL's Naturals, Who's That Girl, TasalaHQ) to provide hair styling services for the models and that is how I got this amazing opportunity to work backstage.
Another model styled by me

Models styled and it was time to jet off to the next location - the Nigerian Natural Hair Show at The Federal Palace Hotel being hosted by The Kinky Apothecary. It was a very lovely show - great ambience, beautifully planned and arranged, an amazing line up of speakers (Felicia Leatherwood, Ngozi Opara of The Heat Free Hair Movement, Ijeoma Eboy of Klassy Kinks, Cassidy Blackwell of naturalselectionblog and Wunmi Akinlagun of Woman in the Jungle ) and a great range of healthy food, hair and body products.

Chef extraordinaire Feyi and Ade of Locitude

Tokunbo Chiedu, moi and Ngozi Opara of Heat Free Hair (don't you just love that ombre deliciousness on her head!)

Felicia Leatherwood doing her thing

Heat Free Hair was available at the show

Lola Maja was repping too.

Lola Maja of Sacred, Tokunbo Chiedu and Ijeoma Eboh of Klassy Kinks


Had to leave after about an hour or so to head to The Palms to catch the show but of course we'd left it a little too late and the HORRENDOUS traffic getting into The Palms ensured that we missed the show!

We just managed to get pictures with some of the models and at this time it was past 6 and I was gagging for food while my fuel tank was very very near empty. Thankfully on my way out of The Palms, I notice the Total filling station was selling fuel and there was barely a queue so I raced there, filled my tank and went home to bed!!

It was a tiring day but definitely very rewarding. God is good!!

Till my next post


  1. Wow, girl you were on the go-go-go! Beautiful models, and I love that colored puff of yours! I may get some of that color spray when summer comes around my way. :)

    1. I sure was was was!!! Loll. Thanks dear. You should! You get the best of both worlds - the color without the commitment :)

  2. Whoo busy bee! The models look absolutely gorgeous. If I had my way I would walk around dauly with that much fabulousness. Lol.

    1. Hahahahahaha I hear you hon. Thank you!!

  3. u always do a great job... lol.. I admire u

    1. Awwww I'm totally honoured!!! Thank you so much xo

  4. u always do a great job... lol.. I admire u

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you dear and I thank God every single time! He's given me something with which i'm continuously busy and I'm grateful!