Quick Length Check

Somehow I neglected to do a length check at the end of the 2014 so I thought I'd do a quick one here. I remembered that I have these length check T Shirts and it's definitely a better and more accurate way to track my progress and see what my hair is doing in terms of length retention.

Anyway I wore the T Shirt over my dress and had my brother take this picture - I clearly had forgotten that's what I did because when he showed me the picture on the camera to confirm if it would do, I literally freaked out because I saw what looked like colorful vine tattoos on my arms! He was like what are you on about??? and then I looked down and sheepishly started laughing at my silly error.

So, it seems I've retained about 3 inches in the past 8 months. I've concluded that my growth rate is a little under half an inch a month - that plus a few trims in that period and while I could have done better, I'm not doing too bad I guess.

Here's to healthier hair in the coming months of 2015!!


  1. You certainly are not doing bad! Well done!!! I look forward to doing a length check on my hair.

    My hair is shedding quite a lot; what do you think I can do to reduce this because I can see it's not breaking.

    Thank you!

    1. Do a cofee rinse, it works like magic. Probably " nescafe" cofee. Dats wat I use. Put a teaspoon of it in cold water, as in normal water, put it in ur spray bottle. Section ur hair into parts and spray the cofee into the hair to saturation. Cover with a plastic cap. Wait for like maybe 30 mins. Then rinse it off with water. Then for me I follow it up with my moisturizing conditioner some times. The shedding will go. And ul hv soft hair. I'm happy seeing ladies on a natural hair journey... # smiles

    2. Thanks Archie! The response you got works really well for shedding so does spritzing your hair with an aloe vera juice base mix. They will strengthen your strands and prevent shedding.

    3. Thanks for the great tip!

    4. Thank you Anonymous and KL! I'll certainly do that this week and let you know if it worked! I guess I'm doing this on freshly washed hair as well.

  2. Kl, did your hair convert back to its natural curl pattern? If so, how long did it take? Do you like the STS?