My Stash of Exotic Butters And Oils!!

 A good customer of mine (who's hair I style for her wedding last year in Abuja) recently opened up a natural hair and skin product online store and on going to the site, I noticed she had the most delicious sounding stuff! The line of products currently available are from Shea Butter cottage which is a small company in the UK well known for its natural and exotic butters, oils and products sourced using ethical means and promoting fair trade.

Considering the fact that I'm on a mission to use more natural stuff this year, and there were items there she had (like murumuru butter) that I'd heard of but never tried, I knew I had to order asap!
So I put in an order for Avocado Butter, Murumuru Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter (aren't you just licking your lips already) Hibiscus oil, palm kernel oil, a rhassoul clay bar, a coconut and marula deep conditioner and a bamboo milk leave in/daily moisturizer. (I swear by the time I'm finished with my hair, it will magically sprout a garland of flowers and begin to dance the hula on my head)

So what do these delicious sounding items do? Well since you asked I'll tell you :)

Murumuru Butter: This rich Amazonian Butter helps to promote glossy hair and moisturized skin. High in Vitamin A, it improves hair flexibility and helps to improve skin elasticity.

Avocado Butter: Containing over 25 vital nutrients,vitamins and minerals, avocado is great not just for getting your dose of omega fatty acids internally but as a skin and hair treatment, it helps heal wrinkles, improve skin tone and elasticity, fortifies hair making it healthy and shiny, helps prevent split ends and helps heal dry hair.

Mango Butter: An emollient with a high content of fatty acids, it moisturizes the skin while encouraging cell regeneration and protecting it from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It also helps keep hair moisturized and softer for longer periods while imparting shine.

Cocoa Butter: Well known for its skin moisturizing, healing and elasticizing properties; as a hair treatment, it helps to thicken hair (like castor oil) increases hair flexibility, softness and also aids the stimulation of growth.

Hibiscus Oil: Rich in amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids, Hibiscus has been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth, stop hair breakage,  impart shine and luster to hair, soothe dry scalp and infuse color in hair. Massaging the oil into the hair regularly helps to boost hair growth and prevent excessive hair shedding.

Palm Kernel Oil: Different from the traditional red 'Palm Oil' we use in cooking, this dark oil is great for stimulating growth, strengthening hair strands thereby aiding length retention. While reading up recently on all the goodness of this oil, I stumbled upon this post by Nappily Nigerian Girl which gives great information from someone who's already used it and can testify to its goodness

Cocoa and Marula Conditioner: This conditioner is packed with Marula, Cocoa, Burdock, Marshmallow and Agave and promises to deep condition and pamper your hair while increasing softness with the help of the humectant properties found in the Agave Nectar.

The hair milk has some interesting ingredients:

Bamboo is rich in silica which strengthens hair;
Brocolli (Up till now, I assumed this was just something to be eaten!) Apparently cold pressed brocolli is an alternative to silicones and helps to impart shine and gloss.
Abysinnian oil: Helps to impart shine while aiding detangling efforts and locking in moisture.

Rhassoul clay I've already written about as a great cleanser and deep conditioner so I already know what to expect from the bar!!

Okay, now I want to loosen my crochet braids asap and start applying everything to my hair!! Seriously though, I'm tempted but I shall try not to give in to any temptations for now. I was reading up on the butters and how they react to one another and I saw somewhere that you shouldn't mix mango butter with avocado butter as it can end up being drying? Not sure how that would be possible but I shall do as much research as I can before I start mixing up stuff. I definitely plan to enhance my regular whipped shea butter mix with some of these butters.

Anyway, that's it for now. I shall soon get to mixing and will come back with results of my kitchen lab experiments lol.

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Till my next post



  1. I'm about to cry from laughing too hard! I actually pictured your hair sprouting flowers and doing the hula :''D
    Coincidentally I just opened the BN shop beforw this post and the butters and essential oils for sale changed my breathing mehn. Good stuff

    1. hahahahhahaha. My dear! It's really great stuff no doubt. Will do a review soon on some of the stuff!