Holding on to thin ends just for length - Is it really worth it?

I was 7 months post relaxer in this picture

I have a camera that I used in religiously documenting my progress as a relaxed lady when I first began my hair journey back in 2011; somehow I lost the battery while charging it (don't ask) and I only managed to buy a new one last month. So I switch on my camera for the first time in over a year and all these pictures from the start of my hair journey are there - bringing back a slew of memories of how I would obsess over every single thing that pertained to my hair lol!!

The one thing I notice now, is how I was doggedly holding on to raggedy ends just because of that extra 'length' they gave me. My hair was growing no doubt, but it looked so limp because of those tired, thin, stringy looking ends.

It's the same thing I see when I'm browsing pictures on the internet - people hanging on to thin ends just so they can reach a goal length. The sad thing though is the longer you hold on to split ends, the more damage it invariably causes your hair. When the hair splits, it WILL travel up the shaft damaging healthy hair and the longer you hold on to it, the more you will have to chop off. Oh,and those products that promise to 'mend' your split ends? All they can offer is a temporary fix by using silicone rich ingredients to smooth the ends of the hair, giving the APPEARANCE of healthy hair. The only way to get rid of split ends is to chop it off - and the sooner you do, the better for the overall health of your hair.

My very scraggy looking ponytail! Loll

I had heard for so long that if you concentrate on the health of your hair, the length will come eventually but in the beginning I acted like I was immune to that! I have since learned though that truly health should come before length and invariably length will come when it is healthy.

When I took out my braids last week, I did a little trim as I noticed I was beginning to have some raggedy looking ends.

So, if you 're still hanging on to see through ends, please ditch them - they will end up doing more harm than good.

Have a great one!

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