New Products in Store - Carol's Daughter and Shea Radiance!

Whoop whoop! The store has just taken delivery of a wide range of Carol's Daughter and Shea Radiance products. The Carol's Daughter and Shea Radiance lines are well known for their natural, high quality ingredients and have garnered great reviews across continents.

The Carol's Daughter range in store includes:

A. Black Vanilla
 - Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo
 - Moisturizing Leave in Conditioner
 - Moisturizing Conditioner
 - Moisturizing Hair Smoothie

B. Hair Milk
 - Conditioning Co Wash
 - Refresher Spray
 - Leave in Conditioner
 - Pudding

C. Monoi
 - Repairing Conditioner
 - Repairing Mask
 - Repairing Anti Breakage Spray
 - Repairing Strengthening Serum

D. Tui
 - Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo
 - Moisturizing Hair Smoothie

E. Butters/Stylers
 - Loc Butter
 - Healthy Hair Butter
 - Marguerite's Magic
 - Mimosa Hair Honey
 - Hold and Control Smoother
 - Heat Styling Hair Spray

D. Kits
- Transitioning Kit
- Olive Oil Infusion Kit

E. Lisa's Hair Elixir
 - Scalp and Hair healthy restoring Hair oil
 - Scalp and Hair Health fortifying scalp spray

The Shea Radiance products include
 - Moisturizing Hair Milk
 - Thermal Protection smoothie
 - Nourishing Hair Repair Cream
 - Maximum Moisture Conditioner
 - Herbal Hair Shampoo
 - Keratin Deep conditioning Mask
 - Co was Conditioning Cleanser
 - Moisture rich Hair butter.


Okay guys, we await you with arms wide open! And our P.O.S at the ready :)


  1. Hi, just stumble on your site. I don't have hair at my front and its hereditary, is there anything that can be done?
    Secondly, can you post the price of your products, cos this will help me to know which one I can afford to buy.
    Thanks . Mrs. Bello

  2. do you ship nationwide? need the jbco for my mum

    1. Hi Hadassah, yes we do. please email