A Season of Proms and Updos!

I love me my flat twists!

It's been a little while!There's so much going on and so little time it seems to get everything done in the alloted time we have daily!!!! Something's cooking in the KL's kitchen and I can't wait for that time when I can let it all out!! 

Anyways, so last Sunday I had the pleasure of styling 2 young ladies for their proms! I know right?!

 I remember my own prom like it was yesterday - my date was supposed to come pick me for about 4pm I think (I lived in Festac and he lived in Ikeja and we were going to Queens College in Yaba lol). By 5pm I was anxiously looking out the window thinking what in the world had gone wrong while trying not to believe I had been stood up (there were no mobile phones in those days so my mind had a field day conjuring up every imaginable scenario) by the time it was 6pm; my family quietly left me in the living room downstairs and went upstairs - it was as if they wanted to leave me alone with the shame of being stood up because at this time, we'd run out of excuses as to what could have gone wrong.

He eventually turned up at almost 7pm (he'd apparently got lost or something trying to get into Festac) and my joy at not being stood up knew no bounds. We finally made it to prom even though I missed most of everything that had happened!

Enough about me - my beautiful princesses from last weekend wanted a nice formal 'do for their event and I hooked them right up!

My first teen's mum loved her hair so much, she took a picture and sent it to her Sister who then called me, wanting some sort of updo - but she wanted something that would last her a while.

 I decided on a flat twist updo with a bit of a pompadour using braiding hair. I put this up on instagram and one of my customers saw it and came in to the salon to get something similar done!

 I love it!! 

Social media has truly been a blessing to me and this business. I particularly love instagram!! My business is visually stimulated and instagram is the best platform to promote that.

Then of course I've been getting more requests for the updo I showcased at the Naija Hair Can Grow Salon day out. 

I shall be bringing more pictures of stuff I've been doing so keep an eye  out!

Till my next post



  1. Wow, beautiful! Keep up the good work.

  2. Replies
    1. Yay! I know what we shall be doing for you next then :)

  3. Gorgeous!! These ladies have such lovely thick hair too! Great job!

    1. Thank you!! Some of them had some help with extensions :)

  4. Lovely! lovely! ! lovely! !!

  5. Your work with hair is really amazing! Pls add more tutorials and pictorials. Thank you.