Beauty Africa Expo - 3 Days, 3 Hair Styles, My Way!

I've been feeling so bleh lately - not sure what exactly's been going on with me. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon.  Anyway, still on the Beauty Africa Exhibition, I was so busy working at the stand, I didn't really have time to go round and take pictures the way I did last year - but what I did was I wear my hair in different styles for those days so will be showing you those styles today!

I've been protective styling a lot in the last 6 months and haven't really had a chance to enjoy my hair or wear it out so I decided that for each of  the 3 days of the exhibition , I was going to do something different.

My go to style - I now have to tuck the hair around the edges in  to give it a rounded look as my hair is longer and it kinda 'flops' when in a puff

So Day 1 - this one wasn't planned out in any way. I knew I wanted to wear my hair out but had no clue what exactly I wanted to do! I almost always wear a puff when my hair is out and I was tired of that - despite my desire NOT to wear a puff, I found myself pulling the hair up anyway (it's like my hands were on autopilot lol) and then decided to create a few rolls.

With the lovely Faith Duncan a.k.a onidirigeleoge

Thankfully I liked it so didn't have to spend another 30 minutes agonizing over what I would do instead (I've been known to spend 45 minutes going back and forth because I didn't like what I'd done to my hair)

Day 2
I decided I was going to wear it out in an unstructured fro. I'd put it in plaits the night before and so all I did was rub a little oil on my fingers, take out the plaits and then fluff it out a little.

When my hair is out, this is how I typically go to bed lol

 I then decided to brush up one side and pin it down with some decorative pins and voila! My hair was ready to be rocked. I got a lot of compliments on this one - even though I didn't do much  really lol.
With my long term friend and sister Bobe!

Lol I won't even begin to tell you the conversation that had gone down before I posed (and as I was posing for this picture)

Day 3

Okay so it was the last day so decided to put in a little more effort for this one. Decided on  a combination of 2 styles I've done before - 2 flat twists on the side for definition and rolls in the back and on top. I loved it and so did a number of people it would seem. I got stopped quite a lot by random people and acquaintances to pose for pictures and I was happy enough to let them snap away :)

Something really special was happening here - shall bring you deets in subsequent posts!
And that was it! I wore the last style till Monday and then it was back in a protective style again!! I don't need to tell you what sort of style it was as everyone knows my favorite protective style now - however there was plenty drama involved there - shall be gisting you about it in my next post!


  1. Beautiful hair pics! And ... that one pic, definitely would like to know the story behind it. Why was the guy looking over at you like that? LOL. You've been missed! I hope you shake off the blehs soon. :)

    1. Awww Thanks dear!! I am shaking them off for sure :) As for the story behind that pic LOL!! I shall probably have to do a post on him sef. Mr. Fred Chris :)