April 2016 Brides!!

Yay for April! Phew! what an intense month it was - brides every weekend, some during the week (Tuesday and Thursday) then our first training workshop (yay!! Shall be posting on that soon) and speaking engagments. I am sooo sooo soo happy for the work, trust and recognition. God indeed is good!!

Okay so I shall be posting pictures of some of my lovely brides from the month of April. As usual due to some 'rushed moments' I don't have pictures of a couple of brides yet but will put them up as I get them from the professional photographers of the day!

 First up is Bunmi!! Such a sweet soul! Everyone is 'honey' 'sweetie' lol and she has such a caring disposition.

I love this picture!!! She had to cross the Railway to get to her church! So Beautiful!!
Next up is Chidinma and her Chief Bridesmaid:

I actually had 2 brides on this day - one in Festac and then hers in Lekki. Chidinma's service was at noon so of course the usual thing happened - everyone was lounging thinking there was all the time in the world till the next thing we knew, it was 11.45 and all the mummies and aunties started having meltdowns lolllllll.

Next up is Ifeoma - she knew exactly what she wanted and so my work was pretty much cut out for me. Her make up was so effortlessly beautiful and everything came together amazingly!

Then we have Tolu! Tolu works in Kenya, so I had done a lot of the planning with her friend and Maid of Honour Tobi. Tolu's wedding was on a Tuesday(first I'd ever heard or even participated in) and her ceremony was sooooo beautiful!!!

Next up is Onyeka - her wedding was in Festac bright and early; and I still had another bride later on in the morning so it was crunch time! We'd fixed a natural weave two days prior so all I had to do was blow dry, style and crochet some hair up front for added volume in the sweep. I couldn't take plenty pictures as she wasn't even dressed when I had to dash off to my next bride.

So that's it for now! I'm missing 2 brides - hopefully I get their professional shots soon and I can do a part 2 to this!!



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  2. Wow. Cool. Tolu knows how to rock with her husband sha. Well done.

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