Loving My Outre 'Tess' Wig !

So this year has been all about protective styling using wigs. It's been so convenient for me as I'm able to wash and condition my hair regularly and moisturize effectively every day. During one of my Instagram haunts :) I came upon this lovely looking wig being worn and reviewed by a lady who goes by the name @naturalbelle and I was smitten!

Since I was in the UK for a couple of weeks, I decided to order it from Afrostyling.com and give it a go. It's an Outre wig called 'Tess' and has the texture of a Yaki Straight weave. Totally soft, full lace front and has an 'L' shaped part which I think is really different and quite nice.

It's quite long - longer than what I would normally wear in a wig but because it's straight and very soft, I find it quite easy to handle.

I initially had my hair in about 7 plaits under my wig but found that it was lightly bumpy so at some point decided to change it to about 5 inverted cornrows so the wig could lay as flat as possible.

As most lace front wigs, this has a comb in the back and 2 combs in front for security. It also has  hooks in the back where you can adjust for tightness and fit.

The first time I wore it, I think I made it too tight in the back and kept having to adjust it (and got a few curious looks in the shops too lolllll) but once I readjusted the straps in the back, it was fine.

I'm definitely loving it!! I bought a wig spray which I use from time to time to moisturize, give it shine and aid brushing too. This is definitely a keeper for me.


  1. I really like it! You slay.
    Any idea where to get it in Nigeria and for how much?

  2. It looks so good Kemi! I'll look for it here.

    Berry Dakara Blog

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