Fresh Natural Hair Styles For The Month Of June

Hi guys!!!!

What have you all been up to? How have the new changes in the economy affected the way you live? You know, I was away when the petrol prices changed and tomatoes became like gold. My tank had been filled prior to when I travelled so I didn't have to purchase any petrol till over a week after I returned. Normally I'd spend just under 4000 filling my tank - this time I spent about 6500. Shock number 1.

Then I went grocery shopping and tomatoes I'd normally get for 200 was now 1000!!! It's one thing to hear about something and a totally different thing to experience it. I've told everyone - it's back to my cooking M.O when I was getting my second degree in Dundee: Plum tomatoes, rodo and onions. Great for stews, sauces and jollof rice. I can't shout.

Ghana Didi - this was done by Tope in the Salon

Apart from that, its been work as usual. So thought i'd just show you lovely people some of what I've been working on in recent times.

Small flat twists with a crown of jumbo flat twists. That color though! Love!

I love love love Jumbo flat twists! And the thicker the hair, the more regal it looks!

Ebele is not a fan of skinny two strand twists (neither am i actually) so we decided to get chunky twists instead and she loved them!

Cinna Puff - quick, simple and very eye catching.

This client needed something simple and nice for an outing. She showed me a few pictures so I sorted of blended them in.

Stunning Abigail. One of my brides from May. She's such a pleasant, beautiful lady!

And that's it for now! This Sunday the 5th of June is the Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out and I'll be doing the live hair styling segment which will usher in the Battle of The Hairlistas. Still trying to figure out what I should do........

Any suggestions? :)


  1. That cinnabun puff tho?!?! Simply gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing!

    KLP @

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