Styling Adesua Etomi For the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA'S)

Ah! What fun last weekend was!! I'd already said I had the amazing honor of styling one of the nominees for Best Actress in a Drama series and to make it even that much sweeter she won the award!!

Adesua has been coming to us for over a year now and she is one hilarious, crazy sweet heart. When she told me she had been nominated I was so excited for her because she is a great actress and also an amazing singer. She's been consistent - whether it's on stage or in film and I have no doubt she's one to definitely watch out for.
This is all her hair.

For the AMVCA weekend she wanted color in her hair but didn't want permanent color or to lighten her hair- well that wasn't going to happen seeing as her hair is dark and the only way to have noticeable color is to do a lift then deposit the shade she wanted.

We settled on adding some colored extensions using the crochet method. For the Cocktail event, I wanted something funky and fun for her because having the kind of personality she does, I knew she would carry it off very well.

So the hair was french rolled in the back and then the front had some more rolls arranged to complement her features.

Her red jumpsuit by Toju Foyeh nailed the look!!

For the main event, I was such a nervous wreck lolll - I knew we had to get it right and I was praying that she would win too! She had to have something regal for the carpet and for the stage when she went to accept her award right?

I'd done something initially with her hair but we both didn't like it so I started again and agreed on this one.
close up of the back

Her April by Kunbi dress was a form fitting, sparkling green vision!! Honestly the pictures I've seen did not do justice to that dress.  I had to leave her hotel room and go to work so couldn't take pictures myself of her finished look. So I'm relying on pictures from others.

She looked amazing, Her make up was subtle and beautiful and I was a happy bunny! loll you'd have thought I was her mother.

So so glad she won the award. Looking forward to seeing her soar higher and higher!!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the red highlights. Inspiring how you pulled that off.

    Naija girl next door

    1. Aww thanks Sandra! Those red highlights were gorg truly!